New York Giants: The Replacement

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

It seems like everyone likes to play the position of New York Giants General Manager lately, including myself.  It also seems like everyone believes the Giants need to address the possible loss of star wide out Plaxico Burress.  Names I have heard thrown around all seem to make some sense, but when it comes down to it, none of them have the height of Plaxico Burress.

However, I think that the answer could be found at another position.  A 6’ 5”, 251 pound ten time Pro Bowl tight end would be at the top of my list of targets if I were Jerry Reese.

Tony Gonzalez wants a ring and he already has shown interest in the Giants organization mid way through last season.  The Giants may have the tool to get him that ring.  Gonzalez recently stated he is very open to returning to the Chiefs if they seem to be going in the right direction during free-agency (from:  

While he says he does not want a trade he made it clear he only wants to play one or two more seasons.  If he feels the Chiefs are not contenders this year, he will most likely want to part ways with the club from Kansas City.

The Giants would benefit from making this acquisition for three reasons.  Gonzalez is a respected player and a proven leader, a gap that may be left if the Giants do indeed part ways with Amani Toomer.  The Giants would add a large target for Manning, who he could utilize like Jeremy Shockey.  Last but not least, Kevin Boss can learn many skills from Gonzalez.  This is a great fit for the Giants who have a decent tight end in Boss who can take over once again after Tony Gonzalez retires. 

The Giants could then focus obtaining another wide receiver from the NFL Draft.  I like Kenny Britt from Rutgers in the second round as I wrote late last year in this article: Britt

Need more persuasion? The last two seasons he has had over 90 receptions and reached 1,000 yards.  He scored 10 touchdowns this past season and five the previous year.  He does not show signs of slowing up.  He has had over 70 receptions the past five years and over 50 receptions in every year after his rookie season.

Just a thought to ponder, Mr. Reese.

As always, thank you for reading and your comments and thoughts are appreciated! 

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