Surgery Needed on a Toomer Growing in The New York Giant Locker Room

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

According to, New York Giants WR and Captain Amani Toomer has spoken about his free agent status.  The player that many have always respected for his loyalty to the Giants, great play, and few complaining words, may have just turned himself into the new Tiki Barber. 

After 13 seasons with the Giants, he feels he will not return to the team. Money, however, does not seem to be an issue here. The Giants have also made no indication that they do not intend to keep their longest team active player on their roster.

Amani Toomer seems to have joined the not so new Typical Wide Receiver Club.  Toomer believes that the Giants downfall towards the end of the 2008-2009 season have links to the team not utilizing him.

The Giants can cut you out like the tumor, you are becoming in a heart beat.  They did it to Tiki Barber and they will do it to you.

This is personal, Toomer.  I beg you not to make this mistake and keep your words to yourself.  I respected you more than any other wide receiver in the league because you did not pull stunts like this.  However, you are about to erase everything you ever did in the minds of Giants fans if this story is true and you stick to it.

Amani Toomer, one player does not win or lose a game.  To say that the teams current situation is "GREATLY" due to the team not going to you as much, is shameful on your part.  You are not Peyton Manning, you are not Tom Brady. You are a second string wide receiver. Your presence is an asset, not a necessity. Your leadership in the locker room may not be replaced soon, but you certainly can be.

You are looked up to by every Giants fan, but so was Tiki Barber.  Barber gave hope for a Super Bowl and was the Giants best running back to date.  However, finding a Giants fan who remembers him for anything but the negative comments he made about the team is rare.

Do not make the same mistake.  This organization and your efforts allowed you to have a great career.  Do not forget who gave you a chance and the team that never let you go despite a rocky start to your career.  The team that stuck with you even after the acquisition of Plaxico Burress and numerous draftees.

It is up to you Amani Toomer. You have only a few years left in your career.  You can go down as one of the most loved players in Giants History by staying put and closing your mouth. Or you can complain and end up booed every time a highlight of you is showed in Giants Stadium/New Meadowlands.

What is it going to be Mr. Toomer?