Dallas Cowboys-Oakland Raiders: Roy Williams for Michael Huff

Romo to WittenCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

Roy L. Williams, the safety, almost has his bags completely packed to leave Dallas and it's starting to sound more like Michael Huff may have to do the same thing in Oakland soon, too.

So if these two guys have pretty much worn out their welcome with their current teams, why not pull the old switcheroo?

My dad (insane Raider fan) and I have discussed this for over a year now. We loved it when our teams drafted these guys, but they have both underachieved so much lately it's ridiculous.

Most Cowboy fans will riot if Roy is not cut, and the Raider fans only give a player a very short time to prove themselves, otherwise, move on.

A flat out player for player trade would be a very fair deal too. Huff will only be 26 going into next season while Roy will be 29.

If anyone is actually getting the better of the deal it may even be Oakland. Roy has had five pro bowl seasons, and even though his coverage skills have been lacking of late, he is still considered a very fierce hitter. Line him up alongside of Gibril Wilson and they could make a very nice tandem.

And if the Raiders can pull it together and sign Nnamdi Asomugha, with the rise of youngsters Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt, their defensive backfield would be set.

For the Cowboys, let's face it, they need coverage help bad. Roy has not been the right guy for the job these last two years. They need something different.

Michael Huff would bring much more speed than Roy ever had. With the notion of moving Anthony Henry back to safety this year, maybe moving Huff to a corner position would suit him better.

I at least think it would be worth a shot testing this out.

With Dave Campo taking over a more active role defensively this coming year, he could really help a young player like Huff grow into a great player. He did, at one time, have Roy Williams looking outstanding.

These two players careers have looked very similar except for Roy having seven years of NFL experience while Huff has only had three.

Roy was the eighth pick in the 2002 draft. Huff was the seventh pick in the 2006 draft.

In his seven years, Roy has compiled 506 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 38 pass deflections, and 19 interceptions. He is a five-time pro bowler.

Huff has totalled 191 tackles and only one sack and one interception. He is far from a pro bowler at this point of his career.

Michael Huff is already being labeled an NFL flop.

But from what I saw from him at Texas, I know, like a lot of people, he has some serious skill. It just needs to be showcased somewhere different.

Roy is basically going to get cut by Dallas. He signed a four-year, $25.2 million contract in 2006.

Huff, said to be in Al Davis' doghouse, signed a six-year, $43 million contract in the same year.

So if these two guys have a very good chance of not being part of their current teams' rosters at the start of the 2009 season, why not give them both a second chance?

Al Davis and Jerry Jones have always been good friends. They have had to have kicked this idea around at least once lately.

The players' contracts could be renegotiated once they land in their new cities, and let them prove to the league and the fans they're not washed up.

I really do feel that these are two very talented guys, who just happen to be in the wrong defensive schemes with their current teams.

I would love to see them both get one more shot to prove it to everyone else. What do you think?


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