Oakland Raiders: 7 Reasons to Move Back to Los Angeles

Alex Crawford@@dr_crawfContributor IIIJune 6, 2012

Oakland Raiders: 7 Reasons to Move Back to Los Angeles

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    The Oakland Raiders belong in Los Angeles.

    I'm not saying their fanbase in Oakland isn't good, but there is something about the Raiders and Los Angeles that just seems right.

    The Raiders in the early 90s in LA helped define an entire culture.  

    Watch the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Straight Outta LA and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    The Raiders moving back to Los Angeles, the city they called their home from 1982-1994, isn't just some pipe dream of mine either.  It is a legitimate possibility.

    Here are seven reasons why the Raiders should move back to Los Angeles.

The Raiders Current Stadium Is Too Old

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    The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, or as it is now called, the O.co Coliseum is destitute.  

    It is the last remaining multi-purpose stadium to serve as a year round home for both an MLB team and an NFL team.  That distinction is not necessarily something to be proud of.

    During the first couple home games of the year, the Raiders have to play with infield dirt on the football field.  In turn, the quality of the A's infield is affected, with some opposing players even complaining.

    The locker rooms of both the home and away teams are of notoriously low quality.  Some former Raiders have actually spoken up and expressed their happiness to get away from the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum's confines.

LA Needs a Team

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    Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the United States and doesn't have a professional football team.

    As of 2010, the city itself is home to 3,792,621 people and its metropolitan area is home to nearly 18 million individuals.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin has a population of 104,057 and has an NFL team. Buffalo, New York has a population of 261,310 and has an NFL team. Los Angeles is past due for a team of their own.

    It is only a matter of time before LA once again gets an NFL team.  (They haven't had one since the Rams left in 1994.)  The Raiders could be that team.

LA Will Be Getting a Stadium

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    It is only a matter of time before Los Angeles gets a new football stadium.

    The Raiders of old played in the LA Coliseum and while that venue might be great for USC football games, it is not going to work for an NFL team moving to the Southland.

    Currently there are two competing designs for the new LA stadium.

    One is called Los Angeles Stadium and would be built about 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles in the City of Industry.  

    The other proposed stadium is Farmer's Field which would be located right next door to the Staples Center in downtown LA.

    Both have their pros and cons, and in my opinion, both will be more than capable of successfully hosting an NFL franchise.

    Whichever one gets built would be a perfect home for the Los Angeles Raiders.

Owner Mark Davis Sees No Problem with It

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    The Raiders owner Mark Davis, son of the recently deceased Al Davis (and owner of a terrible haircut), has expressed that his number one priority is getting a new stadium for his team.

    The equation is simple: teams with newer and nicer stadiums generate more revenue for their team.  As I said before, the Raiders' stadium isn't old in the historic sense like Lambeau Field or Ralph Wilson Stadium.  It's old in the obsolete like a Ford Pinto sense.

    Earlier this year Davis said that moving to Los Angeles was a possibility.

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Davis said, "Yeah, Los Angeles is a possibility.  Wherever's a possibility.  We need a stadium."

The Raiders Have History in LA

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    As I said previously, the Raiders called Los Angeles their home for 12 years.  During that time they made seven playoff appearances including two AFC Championship appearances, and one Super Bowl title.

    In the early 90s groups like NWA immortalized the Raiders logo, which will forever be associated with the Los Angeles rap scene.

    Even though they were hardly there for more than a decade, the Raiders will always have an LA connection. They would have an instant fanbase if they moved back to the Southland. In fact, the absence of an NFL team has caused many Angelenos to remain Raiders fans even though they've been gone for almost 20 years.

More Revenue for the Team

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    The bottom line is that the NFL is a business and currently the Raiders aren't doing that well successfully in Oakland.

    According to the Contra Costa Times, the Raiders are in the red and need to start making more money. 

    Moving to LA would mean a new stadium for the team, a new stadium would mean more luxury suites and club level seats, and that would mean more revenue.

    Money talks and as of right now it seems that the money is telling the Raiders to come to Los Angeles.

Rivalry with the Chargers

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    The Raiders and the Chargers have one of the best rivalries in the NFL.

    They have had numerous memorable games including the 1980 AFC Championship game and the infamous "Holy Roller."

    Moving the Raiders back to LA would increase the proximity of the two teams which would, in turn, only increase the intensity of the rivalry.

    Back when the Raiders were in Los Angeles, Chargers games (both in LA and in San Diego) were some of the most intense in the leagues.  Fans routinely got in fights in the stands and there was no love lost on the field.

    Now, I'm not advocating for fan-on-fan violence, but who doesn't like the temperature turned a bit on a great rivalry.