Super Bowl? Get Real!

Ken KooimanContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

With the Super Bowl behind us, many NFL fans now turn to NASCAR. Passing time until football resumes. Many times using it as a sleep aid for our Sunday afternoon nap. The NASCAR season kicks off Sunday, Feb. 15 at Daytona.

This is considered the biggest race of the year. The "Super Bowl" of racing. This is a stupid analysis. You don't crown a champion after the first week, therefore this is not the “Super Bowl”.

I have never been to a race. I have only watched on television. This probably adds to my apathy of the "sport". Around and around we go...zzz. I know they go almost 200 miles per hour, but on T.V. it seems a LOT slower. It's as exciting as watching corn grow. Or driving through Nebraska...zzz.

Some say it's not really even a sport. After all, almost everybody drives. This I disagree on. It takes years of practice to hone their skills, in order to do what they do.

They work their way up from minor leagues, if you will. They put their life on the line every time they compete. There is a physical (sometimes even grueling) aspect of the game. So, even though it is a sport, why does it have to be so boring?

Spice it up a bit. Do something! Somehow make it look like they're actually going 200mph. Make the gas tanks smaller, so they have to pit more often. Like many sports, only the last segment matters, so make the race shorter, 400 miles instead.

The race will still be as long, TV time, because they’re pitting more often, but it would be more interesting. Besides, it makes it more of a team sport if you get the pit crew involved more.

Everyone looks for the big crash (just as they look for the big hit in football), but no one wants to see them get hurt. With the C.O.T. and the other safety devices used today, that's not a big problem.

So, crash baby, crash, just don't burn. I'm not saying NASCAR should endanger drivers lives. I just feel they hold the drivers back somewhat. Let them race. Get rid of the free pass.

Go back to having to earn your way back to the lead lap. Get rid of the yellow line. If they want to go down there that’s their risk. Mostly, get rid of the fines for fighting or driving to aggressively. That’s what makes it exciting. Make it fun for the TV viewer. Not all of us can afford to see it live.