Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics Video: Maine Reporter Says Game Ended in a Tie

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2012

I have a very real question to ask you fine folks: Is this video of a news anchor reporting that the Celtics-Heat game ended in a tie lazy, stupid or some grand mixture of the two?

We have yet another news agency that has decided to go rogue and report a completely false story pertaining to playoffs.

As we reported last week, local TV news has been either very kind to those wanting to laugh or very unkind to those who would like to receive accurate news. Both may be the case. 

This time, it's Portland, Maine's WMTW that gets in on the action of getting sports stories wrong. Hooray for hilariously epic failures. 

According to YouTube, this is the WMTW report following a raucous Game 4 between the Celtics and Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, a game Boston won in overtime, 93-91. 

Instead, anchor Meghan Torjussen reports the game ended in a tie. Not only does she report this, she states that she is being told by her producer that this is indeed the case. 

Just when you thought that you had stumbled across a pot of gold of comedy, you find a naked Kate Upton of hilarity right behind it in the form of the graphic showing a tie of 89-89. 

Yes, that would be the score at the end of four quarters. 

Any human that has ever heard of the NBA knows that a game goes to overtime when there is a stalemate during regulation. 

This error is a special kind of mistake that demands nobody in the studio knew a damned thing about playoff basketball, and the producer was too lazy to use the crazy Internet machine to check his facts. 

Don't worry, WMTW. Looking at the scoreboard of local news agencies, another station will screw up worse than you in no time at all. 


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