Funniest Bench Moments in Sports History

Adam Merkle@@AdamLMerkleContributor IIIJune 5, 2012

Funniest Bench Moments in Sports History

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    The bench is normally a place reserved for the players and coaches who are not factors in contest outcomes.

    For players preforming, the bench is either a place to catch a breather and rehydrate before taking to the playing grounds.

    We as fans have to recognize that all professional athletes are human. Most have distinct personalities that sometimes emerge when they are being taped for live television.

    While many athletes try to block everything but the game from their minds and focus attention completely on the game at hand, some guys take themselves a bit less seriously. They can be found terrorizing everyone from their teammates, the opposing teams, to themselves.  

    This is a list of five of the funniest bench moments caught on video that I could find. From soccer to basketball and hockey, these five clips feature some of the most ridiculous behavior exhibited by professional athletes in recent years.   

5. Pepe, Marcelo and Mesut: The Three Pranksters of Real Madrid

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    Starting off at the five-spot, we have the footballers Mesut, Pepe and Marcelo of Real Madrid sharing in some good, old fashioned goofing off on the bench.

    Pepe's consistent touching of Marcelo Vieria's curly locks instigate and energize the comic relief group of Real Madrid during pregame warm ups.

    Their antics continued throughout the extent of a game that these athletes could have focused their energy on, instead of succumbing to roles as the prankster squad of Real Madrid.

    Despite the ridiculous nature of the "Three Musketeers of Real Madrid," in terms of their energy, they did seem to rub off on their teammates.

    I believe that charisma is important and guys that can make their teammates feel good in any situation are an asset.  

4. Orlando Magic's Hedo Turkoglu Gets Ejected from the Bench

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    Those NBA referees sure are a fickle crew to deal with.  

    Not only can they not properly call a travel to save their lives, but this particular official goes as far as ejecting Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu while he sits on the bench—in his warm-up clothing.

    Granted, I'm not the greatest lip reader and can't make out exactly what Hedo was saying, but whatever he said must have really ticked off the referee.

    The reaction shot of Hedo is of compete disbelief, followed by the quintessential face palm, and this makes this clip worthy of my list.

3. Marty Turco Can't Help Himself from Sabotaging the Enemy

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    What list would be complete without hockey antics?

    What is it with these bench guys who just can't keep their hands to themselves?

    This time around, we have backup goaltender Marty Turco relishing in a rare opportunity to pull one over on the enemy.

    This was a prank that could have ended with potentially dangerous results—if Roman Polak of the St. Louis Blues wasn't wearing all of that good old fashioned protection.  

2. Kevin Garnett Turns into a Human Water Fountain

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    After watching this clip, my mind raced with ideas for Kevin Garnett's post basketball career as a superhero with his power to spit back water at an amazing velocity.  

    We could call him the "Fountain of Doom," or something along those lines.

    Ray Allen's reaction just seconds after KG decided to spit his beverage was also priceless.   

1. Former Philadelphia Flyer Mike Richards Getting Hazed on Live TV

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    Oh, the joyous live interview.

    While it has become a staple point for broadcasts to get player reactions in real time, the live nature of it can allow for a look into the personalities of the guys you watch flinging their weight around on ice.

    This clip features former Philadelphia Flyer Mike Richards and the curse of the rouge hockey stick, which is gentled nudged in his face as he is being interviewed for reactions.  

    While some comical relief for a sport often requires a player's most physical nature, it perfectly illustrates how funny it can be to witness the antics of bench guys when a camera gets stuck in their faces.