Manchester United Transfer News: 5 Players Who Will Get Red Devils Back on Top

Ralph Longo@ IIIJune 4, 2012

Manchester United Transfer News: 5 Players Who Will Get Red Devils Back on Top

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    Manchester United is considering making some big name new additions to their team. After a difficult loss in the Premier League Championship to long time rival Manchester City, Alex Ferguson and the gang are expected to be looking for a bunch of key transfers that will allow them to get back on top. 

    There are a number of targets that Manchester United is targeting, but the biggest names that they're looking at are Luka Modric, Shinji Kagawa, Mario Gotze, Cheick Tiote, and striker Nick Powell. Any of these guys would make great additions to the Red Devils, and would help them reestablish themselves in the eyes of soccer fans around the world. 

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1. Luka Modric

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    Luka Modric is a solid midfielder who currently plays for the Tottenham Hotspurs. Modric would be an excellent addition to the Red Devils, who could use him at midfield. However, there's a big issue his asking price. Last year, Tottenham rejected a huge sum of 40 million pounds for Modfic from rival Chelsea. Would their asking price simply be too high for Manchester United?

    There's no doubt that Modric is an excellent player and he should be the main target for the Red Devils. But with the price that they're going to likely have to invest into one player, is it really worth it? He would be a great replacement for Paul Scholes, but the price may be too high to pay.  

2. Mario Gotze

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    At just 20 years old, Mario Gotze is a future star and is already beginning to emerge on the international scene. Like Luka Modric, Gotze would be a great addition to the Red Devils at midfield, and would be a more than capable replacement for the aging Paul Scholes. 

    One key factor with Gotze is that he'll have a much lower asking price than Luka Modric, which makes him a much more attractive option. And at just 20 years old, he has his whole career ahead of him and can only continue to improve. 

    While his current club has said that he'll remain with the team through at least 2013, you never know what will happen. Money has a way of talking in sports, and if enough money is offered, maybe Gotze will wind up in a Manchester United uniform sooner rather than later. 

3. Shinji Kagawa

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    Shinji Kagawa is a young Japanese player who currently plays for Borussia Dortmund. Kagawa is a talented midfielder/winger who would be an awesome fit for the Red Devils. Kagawa has played very well as of late, and if Manchester United doesn't end up signing him, someone else assuredly will.

    Kagawa should command Manchester United's attention, because although Luka Modric would be ideal and is probably the best fit, as mentioned earlier his price may simply be too high and not really worth paying for for a soon to be 27 year old.

    The Red's could get Kagawa at a good price and he should be just about entering his prime, two big time plusses they will be sure to consider.  

4. Cheick Tiote

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    Tiote is one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League, and Man U could certainly use his talents on the defensive end. Rumors are that Manchester United is examining, although unlikely to accept, a three player deal in which they would get Tiote, Modric and Everton's Leighton Baines for an astonishing 72 million pounds, which is a crazy asking price. 

    While this price will likely be too much to pay for Manchester United, they should seriously give Tiote a look as his skills would really help get the Red Devils back on top. Anytime you can get a young defensive minded play, it's certainly a plus. 

5. Nick Powell

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    It looks like Manchester United and Arsenal are set to battle for English star Nick Powell. At only 18 years old, Powell has an extremely bright future ahead of him, and he's surely going to have a great career. If the Red's could sign him, they'd have a young player that could be a key contributor for years to come. 

    Especially since Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs will both likely retire in the next year, Powell is exactly the type of player Manchester United needs. Powell is the type of player that could give a jolt to your offense and is a playmaker, so it'd be good for the fans as well as the team to sign a young guy like Powell. 

    Hopefully, for Manchester United, they can get a deal done and sign Powell quickly. 

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