Sunrise in the NFC East: The Division's Top Links on June 1, 2012

Brad Gagnon@Brad_Gagnon NFL National ColumnistJune 1, 2012

Inspiration for Redskins O-linemen via Shipley Do-nuts
Inspiration for Redskins O-linemen via Shipley Do-nuts

Welcome to June. The Giants and Eagles are finishing up OTA work on this rainy (at least in Toronto) Friday, while the Cowboys and Redskins are off for a long weekend. We have some good analytical content in store for our coverage of all four teams today. But first, TGIFL...

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Films guru Greg Cosell delivers a nice breakdown on Tony Romo: "There's an inconsistency to Romo's play that still needs to be cleaned up as he begins his ninth year in the league."

Unfortunately for Mike Jenkins, there's no way—barring injury, of course—that he'll have a chance to win a starting job this summer, via

Nick Eatmon of writes that Kevin Ogletree is either the third wide receiver or he's nobody.

New York Giants

We have an actual newsworthy development in the Osi Umenyiora saga, as Umenyiora has fired his agent, Tony Agnone. "I have no agent currently," he wrote in an email to the Newark Star-Ledger, "and I'm not really looking for one." This isn't the first time Umenyiora has fired an agent, but I don't see it helping his cause.

The story of undrafted rookie Jake Muasau (per, who not long ago was living in a van, is one that will make you root for him to earn a roster spot.

Hakeem Nicks is saying he'll play in the opener against Dallas, according to the New York Post, but Nicks lacks a medical degree, so don't get your hopes up based on that alone.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles can use as much quarterback depth as possible, which is why it's a bit odd that they don't seem to be giving Trent Edwards much of a chance to shine early this offseason, per

From The Eagles want Michael Vick to break some bad habits.

Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News looks at the Eagles' stacked defensive line and its general, Jim Washburn.

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III is getting more comfortable and improving his relationships with his teammates and his coach, according to the Washington Post. I'm going to just stop saying it's early, because we're all well aware of that fact at this point.

Rich Tandler of CSN Washington takes a look at Pierre Garcon, who the Redskins will be relying on to become a playmaker in 2012.

For every no-sack victory, RG3 will be cooking his offensive linemen beignets, via

Dan Daly of the Washington Times on Mike Shanahan's "rebuild."

(Above image courtesy of Shipley Do-nuts.)