4 Reasons Why Philadelphia Needs to Get Rid of Andre Iguodala

Baily Deeter@@deetersportsSenior Writer IIIMay 31, 2012

4 Reasons Why Philadelphia Needs to Get Rid of Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala has done some great things in Philadelphia.

    His defense has always helped the Sixers hold opponents to low scoring totals. His clutch shooting has guided Philadelphia to key wins. His scoring and leadership has always helped the 76ers.

    However, his time is up.

    There are two young guards by the name of Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner that possess the same qualities as Iguodala, and with Iggy's numbers declining, there's really no reason for Philadelphia to keep Iguodala.

    Here are four reasons why the 76ers need to trade Andre Iguodala.

Co-Existance with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner

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    I touched upon this issue in the previous slide, and with these two guards blossoming into stars, the 76ers really don't need Iguodala anymore.

    Iguodala and Turner are two similar players, but Turner has more upside. While they both play great defense, Turner is better at driving, a better shooter and a better rebounder. Iguodala is like a mirror image of Turner that's older.

    His shooting has been terrible, and he wasted a lot of good looks that Turner and Holiday set him up for. In the postseason, he shot just 38.4 percent, and he missed a lot of open shots.

    While Iguodala came through in the clutch, his free-throw shooting was also terrible. The 76ers can't have that anymore.

    Thaddeus Young is an underrated bench player who could start at small forward if Iguodala left. He shot 50.7 percent in the regular season and averaged more PPG than Iguodala, despite playing about eight less minutes per game.

    Young is a good guy to have down low, as he grabbed 5.2 boards per game in the regular season and the postseason. Young is younger, so the 76ers will have him for a while. And he's ready for the everyday starting role in the NBA

Shooting Struggles and Declining Numbers

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    Iguodala is still a solid player. He's still a great defender. But his prime has come, and he's past it.

    Iguodala averaged just 12.4 PPG this year, the least amount of PPG since his rookie season. His shooting percentage dropped to about 45 percent, and his free-throw misses cost the 76ers greatly.

    Sure, he gets steals and is great to have on the defensive end of the floor, but teams still need offense to win and Iguodala isn't providing enough of it.

    Young shot almost 51 percent from the field and over 77 percent from the foul line, which both easily exceed Iguodala's totals. While Young isn't as good on D as Iguodala, just Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday on the perimeter should be fine.

    The time has come and gone for Iguodala. He isn't in his prime anymore. His defense isn't needed in Philly.

    So, he'll have to take his talents to another team. 

Lack of a Big Man

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    Philadelphia lost to the Celtics because they didn't have a big man. One of the two guys in this picture could change that.

    Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum haven't co-existed well in LA, and the Lakers have shown interest in Andre Iguodala. An Iguodala for big man swap could be in the making, and both teams would have needs filled.

    Bynum is a great rebounder and a good post player, but his lack of hustle and his lack of a good attitude could hurt Philadelphia's chemistry. Those issues would be better if Gasol became a Sixer, but he's older than Bynum and isn't as good of a post player.

    Even if the 76ers can't reach a deal with the Lakers, they need to get a big man somehow. Spencer Hawes cannot keep up with the elite bigs of the league and that's what cost the 76ers against the Celtics. 

    Dwight Howard probably won't be a Sixer next year, but trading for Al Jefferson, signing Brook Lopez or just getting a big man somehow, if it requires a trade, Iguodala will definitely have to go.

Emergence of Thaddeus Young

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    I know, I know. I've already talked a lot about Thaddeus Young.

    However, let me just recap what I've said about Young. He's younger, a much better shooter, a solid defender, a good rebounder and a solid all-around player. Right now, that's all the Sixers need.

    Young could be a good fast-break option for Turner and Holiday because they will be getting steals. He won't need to get rebounds (if Philly picks up a big man), but he would be a great option for mid-range jumpers because Holiday and Turner know how to set him up for those.

    If the 76ers could get a big man, Young would have another target down low, and he would get more shots because the defense would be focused on guarding the paint. Iguodala may still be a little better than Young, but Young fits into the Sixers' system better.

    Iguodala doesn't have many years left, and he won't be guarded heavily because guys will be focused on guarding the paint. However, Iguodala isn't good at hitting open shots, so a big man could be double-teamed with Iguodala on the floor.

    Trade him or bench him, I don't care.

    Thaddeus Young just needs to start at the beginning of the year and Doug Collins needs to see how he does. If he does well, keep him and trade Iggy. If not, play Iggy and trade him in a year or two.

    That is, if Iguodala isn't already gone.