Why the New York Yankees Aren't in That Much Trouble

Mike Moraitis@@michaelmoraitisAnalyst IMay 31, 2012

Why the New York Yankees Aren't in That Much Trouble

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    People would have you believe, New York Yankees fans included, that the team is on a road to certain failure and that everything is going wrong.

    While they might be right about everything going wrong so far in 2012, to say they are in trouble is downright insane.

    For a team that hasn't hit its stride yet, I'd say the Bombers aren't in that bad of a position despite how poorly they've played.

    Here's why the Yankees simply aren't in as much trouble as some experts would have you believe.

Yanks Pitching Will Come Around

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    The Yanks are pitching poorly, yes, but I can't believe it will remain as bad as it's been.

    CC Sabathia is pitching to a 3.66 ERA, but as compared to where he was a few weeks ago, that isn't so bad. I expect him to drop it at least another half-run when he gets more starts under his belt.

    Andy Pettitte has looked sharp since returning and appears to be in top form for the remainder of the season. He's gone relatively deep into the game during each start he's had. After showing some promise early, Pettitte should only get better from here.

    Ivan Nova didn't hit his stride until halfway through last season after he returned from the minors. Nova might simply be late to the party once again this season and can't be written off just yet.

    Hiroki Kuroda has been up and down, but if the Bombers had actually scored some runs for the veteran right-hander, he might have a few more wins. He's pitched well enough to keep New York in most games and he should get stronger as the season progresses.

    Phil Hughes is the only one who truly worries me in this Yanks rotation. He's been downright awful, but at this point, he's the fifth starter and that position in the rotation could be replaced if need be.

    Bottom line: The Yankees pitching can't get any worse than it's been so far, therefore it's only up from here.

Yanks Bats Will Come Around

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    Ninth in the league in runs scored? Really?

    That's not the Yankees offense I know and you have to believe things will get better for an offense that was near the top in almost every important category in the MLB last season.

    While Derek Jeter has started off hot and cooled down, Alex Rodriguez has yet to get going, although he's shown some flashes, and Mark Teixeira has started to get hot as well.

    You have to know Robinson Cano won't be hitting .286 forever and it's only a matter of time before he starts tearing the cover off the ball like he began to do three weeks ago.

    This team simply has way too much talent not to hit, so it's only logical to assume things will come around for this team. When it does, there will be a lot less pressure on their starting pitching and that will help win more games.

Yanks Only in Third Place

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    Looking at the standings today, the Bombers are only 1.5 games out of first place and currently sit in third behind the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays who are tied.

    Do we really think Baltimore will stick around for the long haul this season? No, because they never do.

    The Red Sox are a total mess with injuries and a near mutiny of their current manager, Bobby Valentine.

    The Blue Jays are the Blue Jays and despite high hopes for them every season, it never pans out.

    No doubt the Yanks have played poorly, but as badly as they have played, their division rivals haven't done much better. The current deficit they face for the division is a joke this early in the season and with better baseball to come, the Yanks should be able to overcome such a deficit to take the AL East.

    Tampa Bay is, and will continue to be the Yanks' stiffest competition in this division the rest of the way.

Relatively Injury-Free

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    I know it's hard to make such a statement with the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera, out for the entire season, but other than that, the Yanks haven't been bitten by the injury bug that bad.

    David Robertson recently went down with an injury that he will come back from and Brett Gardner has had some setbacks but should return at some point.

    However, the major cogs in the lineup and aging stars have stayed healthy throughout the first part of this young season and that is a great sign.

    The problem hasn't really been injuries this season, it's been a lack of production and getting the job done in big spots.

    Say what you want about the Bombers' failures in certain aspects of the game, but at least they have their important players on the field everyday.

Past History

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    Are we really going to sit here and doubt a perennial baseball powerhouse and playoff team only 50 games into the season?

    That would be silly to do such a thing and I'm not going to start now. There is no more successful baseball franchise in the history of the sport than the Yankees. If anyone can climb out of this hole and make a great season of it, it's the Bombers.

    Just look at the history and tell me it isn't on New York's side.