NFL Rumors: Which Available Free Agents Are NFL Teams Still Reaching Out To?

Adam OdekirkContributor IIMay 31, 2012

NFL Rumors: Which Available Free Agents Are NFL Teams Still Reaching Out To?

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    This is the point of the year where the NFL free-agent market has cooled considerably, but with OTAs beginning and rosters coming into focus a little more, there are some teams still looking around.

    Unfortunately for some big names like Ryan Grant, Cedric Benson and even Plaxico Burress, the offers are not flying in, but their time may still be ahead of them.

    In fact, there are even players who are making public stump speeches to try to earn themselves another shot in the NFL after a long absence, or in another case, a first chance to play in the league in 10 years.

    Here are some of the players and teams reaching out to one another in hopes of finding a fit.

Brian Banks

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    Brian Banks is a new "buzzed"-about name in the free-agency ranks, and technically he would be an undrafted free agent since he has been embroiled in a grueling legal battle for 10 years.

    A once highly recruited prospect in the college ranks, Banks is now looking to come back and take his shot at the NFL at middle linebacker.

    Brian McIntyre of reports the Seahawks, Chiefs and Dolphins are all interested in taking a look, and considering one of the coaches (Pete Carroll) recruited Banks in college, it makes sense that multiple teams are interested.

Plaxico Burress

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    Sadly for "Plax," the news is more about who is not interested as opposed to who actually is interested.

    When Hakeem Nicks went down with an injury, a lot of so-called experts were thinking that a reunion with the Giants was inevitable, but Tom Coughlin doesn't see it that way.

    Another hotly discussed landing spot was Miami, but Jeff Ireland is not buying that idea either.

    Burress is a player that can help a team, but his value may not be what he thinks it is, and that could land him back with the Jets.

George Foster

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    In an interesting move, the Indianapolis Colts have reached out and signed former Broncos first-round draft pick George Foster, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

    The massive tackle still has the size and power to be effective, but his lackluster career has not unfolded as some planned, which has caused him to fall from the NFL down to the UFL.

Bo Scaife

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    Bo Scaife (whom I remember watching tear up the high school ranks at Mullen High School in Denver) was invited for a visit by none other than the New England Patriots, as reported by ESPN's Mike Rodak.

    It's been interesting to see the Patriots talk with Dallas Clark and now Scaife at the tight end position when they clearly have a wealth of talent there. Suffice it to say that Bill Belichick has something in mind, even if nobody is sure what that is yet.

Mike Sims-Walker

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    After one productive season in Jacksonville, Mike Sims-Walker was a fantasy darling, but his production disappeared in St. Louis and has left him without a home for now.

    According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Houston Texans are interested in taking a look at the wide receiver to help ease concerns about depth, especially after they parted ways with Jacoby Jones and saw intriguing undrafted free agent Dwight Jones suddenly bolt.

Jeff Garcia

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    This is an interesting scenario because it isn't a team reaching out to a player, but the other way around. Jeff Garcia is making no bones about letting the Eagles know he wants back on their roster, according to Marc Sessler of

    There may not be any room for Garcia, who hasn't played since 2008 (despite being signed last year by the Texans), but it's worth monitoring to see if Andy Reid gets in a pinch and takes the bait if Mike Kafka doesn't pan out and Nick Foles isn't ready yet.