2012 NBA Lottery Results: How Wednesday's Lottery Impacts Non-Lottery Teams

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IMay 30, 2012

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The results are in for the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery, and the order is all set for the upcoming draft.

While the teams in the lottery are either rejoicing or kicking the dirt, the teams outside of the lottery are who, this year, will be looking ahead at how they can improve through this year's draft.

The Philadelphia 76ers, for example, may be glad to see the Brooklyn Nets miss out on getting a top prospect that could have facilitated a Dwight Howard deal.  

Instead, the Nets lost their pick to Portland—since it was only protected if Brooklyn got a Top Three pick—and are now faced with having to court Deron Williams with what they already have.  

Being in the same division as Brooklyn, the Sixers will surely welcome the Nets' misfortunes and possible loss of Williams.

Alternatively, the Orlando Magic may have missed out on getting a great package in a possible Dwight Howard deal with the Nets.  

If Brooklyn did land in that Top Three, they could have packaged that pick with Brook Lopez as the main piece in exchange for Howard.  This could have been one of the more lucrative deals for the Magic, who are now ready to begin aggressively shopping Howard, according to Chris Sheridan.  

Now, Orlando may have to look elsewhere on Dwight's wish list for a deal that can help them improve in the long-term.

Teams in the Western Conference may find more competition coming their way, since the rebuilding teams like the New Orleans Hornets and the Trailblazers both find themselves with two picks each in the Top 11 of the 2012 Draft.  

This year's class is loaded with potential. With the Hornets and Blazers potentially adding two impact players each, it could become a cause for concern for the West.  

Take the Utah Jazz, who missed out on getting a first-round pick when the Warriors kept their Top Seven protected selection in the draft lottery.  

Instead, the Jazz are stuck with having to look to a competitive free agency market for improvement and not a lot of appeal or money to work with.

The Jazz do have young talent to work with in Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors, but they will need some rapid development to keep up with the Western Conference teams that are going to improve heavily through the draft.  

Utah had to sneak into the playoffs this year, but it will be a whole different challenge next year.

Other fringe teams like the New York Knicks are in a similar position to the Jazz, since they also don't have a first-round pick.  

With a core of Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Iman Shumpert, there is hope for more postseasons in the Knicks' future.

However, New York needs more depth on their bench and is with the uncertainty of bringing back the hot commodity that is Jeremy Lin. The Knicks can't afford to be idle in the offseason while the East gets better.  

The remaining teams in the playoffs are not too concerned with the draft right now, but they could also see a lot of talent drop to them in the later parts of the first round.  

Theoretically, the overflow of talent in this year's draft could spill down into the later part of the first round. With teams having multiple picks in the lottery, the talent could also be spread evenly among the positions.  

Unless the Hornets and Blazers decide to go David Kahn on the league and stock up on one position,  there should be a diversified pool to pick from outside of the lottery.  

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a need for some depth at the power forward and center positions. There should be talent like Fab Melo and Draymond Green available late in the draft to fill that need.  

The Heat could use depth just about everywhere with their team, and could easily pick the best available player on the board.  With how much talent there is to choose from, Miami could still find themselves with another Norris Cole-type of steal towards the end of the first round.

Chicago could find the shooting guard they've been looking for, since the lottery is full of teams hungry for big men and talented guards who may slip down to them at their No. 29 spot in the first round.

As a whole, the draft lottery's effects certainly can be felt throughout the league.  

Teams will be improving and moves will be made, which will most likely affect the playoff picture for next year.  

As for the teams that are on the fringe of the lottery, this offseason and the progress of the lottery teams around them may determine whether or not they will be the ones hoping for the ping pong balls to bounce their ways next year.