Against All Odds: Who Will Win Fatal Four-Way for the World Championship?

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

This Sunday there will be a very exciting pay-per-view from TNA Wrestling! Its name is Against All Odds. This Sunday there will be four titles on the line.

There will be Knockout's Championship, TNA X Division Championship, TNA World Tag Team Championship, and World Heavyweight Championships that are on the line.

I don't really like TNA, but I like WWE, and all of these superstars were in WWE (except Sting,he was in WCW) and they would've put on one hell of a show.

This match sounds very exciting! Everyone knows that the Team 3D is very close to each other, so I wouldn't be surprised for Team 3D to get together and beat Kurt and Sting and get them knocked out and then compete for the championship between them two.

I'm also looking forward to see the match between Matt Morgan and Abyss. I mean these two guys were best friends and now they're enemies and going extreme this Sunday! So this match also sounds exciting!

Now at this time I want to talk about extreme matches including TNA and WWE. Now we know that ECW is extreme land, but for a while I haven't seen any extreme matches! I think Raw and SmackDown have more extreme matches than ECW.

Now let's look at TNA; they are only one show and they have all kinds of exciting matches (that's why I started watching TNA). But if you look at the TNA roster, you will see that almost half of the roster is former WWE superstars.

So now let's get back to the Fatal Four Way match, as I have seen...Sting has held his title for too long and didn't do anything with it! So I'm expecting to see a new world heavyweight champion coming about from All Against The Odds.

I would like to see a new champ, and I wouldn't care who would win (except Sting).

What would you like to see happen in this match and at the other matches in All Against The Odds?