WWE News: Former Diva Jillian Hall Arrested for Domestic Violence

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 29, 2012

courtesy www.uncyclepedia.com
courtesy www.uncyclepedia.com

According to wrestlinginc.com Jillian Hall has run into some trouble with the law and was recently arrested in Florida for domestic abuse. It turns out Hall and her husband have been having some marital issues for sometime, and it all came to a head April 23rd.

The article stated:

Former WWE performer Jillian Faye Fletcher (a/k/a Jillian Hall), 31, was arrested on April 23, 2012 in Orange County, Florida and charged with battery (domestic violence).

The one-time WWE Divas Champion subsequently announced Thursday via Twitter that she has separated from her husband of two years, Mike Farole.

Hall addressed her situation on twitter last week on Twitter:







Unfortunately, Hall is not the diva of old, but we can't fault her for that. She clearly has been dealing with a lot of issues. A positive note is that at least she is not suffering from drug-related demons, and with time this situation will pass.

You can see a copy of the arrest report along with mugshot posted by www.jailbase.com.

In the end, Hall is not the first—nor will she be the last—wrestler to have a run in with the law. Clearly she is looking to get past this situation and move on with her life.

Chances are that more to this story will unfold in the weeks or months to come. Until then, we will just have to wish her the best.