Junior Dos Santos vs. Brock Lesnar Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIMay 28, 2012

Junior Dos Santos vs. Brock Lesnar Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    Making a special appearance at this past weekend's UFC 146, former champion Brock Lesnar may desire a comeback to the UFC. According to Case Keefer of The Las Vegas Sun, UFC President Dana White hinted at such a return occurring.

    If the WWE-turned-MMA star does decide to come back to the UFC, an immediate title shot may be unlikely, but it's not entirely out of the question.

    Lesnar was previously scheduled to face current heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos following their stint as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, but due to a second bout with diverticulitis, Lesnar was forced off the card.

    If Lesnar can make his way back into title contention, here's the head-to-toe breakdown of this possible future matchup.


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    As Lesnar has shown over the years, he isn't the best striker in the heavyweight division.

    Brutally battered in his last three fights by the likes of Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin, Lesnar will again be at a disadvantage on the feet if he faces Dos Santos.

    A premier boxer with some of the heaviest hands in the entire sport, Dos Santos will have his hands all over Lesnar if he decides to stand and bang.

    Advantage: Dos Santos


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    While striking might not be his forte, Lesnar does have a huge advantage over almost anyone in the sport with his world-class wrestling.

    A former NCAA Division I wrestling champion, there are few who can match Lesnar's powerful and explosive takedowns.

    Dos Santos has great take down defense, but in terms of offensive wrestling, Lesnar has the edge.

    Advantage: Lesnar


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    Over their careers, neither fighter has had much experience submitting people inside the cage, combining for only four total submission wins, with only two of them not coming via a tap out due to injury or strikes.

    While they don't showcase this set of skills often, the few glimmers that Dos Santos and Lesnar have shown are quite impressive.

    After eating a barrage of strikes in the first round, Lesnar was able to bounce back against Shane Carwin at UFC 116 to secure an arm-triangle choke.  

    Dos Santos has yet to submit someone in the UFC, but the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt under the legendary Noguiera brothers definitely has the skills in his arsenal.  Against Frank Mir in his first title defense, Dos Santos showcased great submission defense by avoiding Mir's dangerous leg locks.

    Because neither fighter has much Octagon experience tapping people out, this category is virtually even.

    Advantage: Even


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    A monstrous heavyweight and a powerful wrestler, Lesnar is quite possibly the strongest person in combat sports.

    Lesnar has put his body through the ringer over the years, developing explosive attacks while training at the highest level as a wrestler.

    Dos Santos is also a very strong fighter, but Lesnar's physique and sheer power give him a slight edge.

    Advantage: Lesnar


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    Both Dos Santos and Lesnar have excellent cardio and have shown that they can go the distance inside the Octagon.

    But like most heavyweight bouts, this possible battle will likely end well before the championship rounds, let alone going to the end of the fifth round.

    Regardless, these two fighters are virtually even in this category.

    Advantage: Even


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    Lesnar: If Lesnar does make his way back to the UFC heavyweight title, he will have a huge uphill battle in front of him. Questions still remain about whether or not the former champ has fully recovered from his bouts with diverticulitis and whether or not he can back into the MMA mindset after returning to the WWE.

    As far as his game plan is concerned, Lesnar will have to work on his boxing big time and find a way to time Dos Santos' hands so he can shoot in for the take down.

    Failure to get Dos Santos on the ground will likely be disastrous for the former title holder.


    Dos Santos: The reigning heavyweight king will once again have to look out for the takedowns and keep things standing where he has a huge advantage.

    This is a pretty cut-and-dry game plan that he's utilized effectively in his last two title fights against Mir and Velasquez.

    As long as he doesn't let Lesnar muscle him around against the cage or on the ground, he should have no problem taking out the former champ. 


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    While a return to the cage will be a welcomed sight to see for most fans, giving Lesnar a shot at the champ would be career suicide.

    Lesnar is outgunned on the feet and has shown an inability to defeat top level strikers. His only shot is to get the fight to the ground—a feat easier said than done against Dos Santos.

    In the end, this should be another easy win for the champ.

    Prediction: Dos Santos via TKO (second round).


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