Dream/Nightmare Scenarios for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012

Josh SteinContributor IIIJune 12, 2012

Could ring be in store for Seattle this season?
Could ring be in store for Seattle this season?

The NFL season is fast approaching and fans of all the teams are starting to look ahead at their team's chances in 2012. We are all hoping for the best and praying that are team doesn't disappoint.

With new additions to the roster and key players coming off of injury, the Seahawks have high hopes for the 2012 season. But if some stars get injured, or if the draft doesn't work out, the Seahawks could be looking at another upsetting season. So without further delay, here are the dream and nightmare scenarios for Seattle in this upcoming season.

Dream Scenario: 12-4

Pete Carroll is coach of the year after finally breaking out of the mediocre slumps of the past two years. Matt Flynn shows that his two superstar games were no fluke as he makes it the Pro Bowl with 4000 yards and 34 touchdowns.

Flynn isn't the only player on the Seattle offense the puts up star numbers this year. Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin prove that last year was just a preview as Sydney Rice comes back in big way. The battered offensive line from a year ago keeps Flynn on his feet and the linemen make a name for themselves. Kellen Winslow goes from being run out of Tampa Bay to lighting up the stat sheet in a Gronkowski-Hernandez relationship with Zach Miller.

The biggest impact, however, comes from the defensive end where a good group of guys becomes a force to be reckoned with as some of the best in the league. Bruce Irvin puts aside his personal issues and becomes defensive rookie of the year with Pete Carroll's guidance as Bobby Wagner becomes a key starter.

In the end, Seattle easily steals the division title from the 49ers and the conference title from Green Bay for a spot in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. They come up just short but establish themselves as a force in the NFL for years to come.

Nightmare Scenario: 5-11

Things go wrong very quick for Seattle as the struggling starts from day one. Key free agent Matt Flynn goes out with a shoulder injury during the preseason after the Seahawks showed their trust by getting rid of Tavaris Jackson. With Russell Wilson the only reasonable starter left, he is forced into a starting role before he is ready and is unable to perform at the professional level.

Injuries plague the receivers and offensive line as Kellen Winslow shows why he was moved from Tampa Bay. Lynch returns to his Buffalo form as Beast mode is turned off.

The defense, which seemed to be a bright spot, struggles as well due to bad field position caused by the inept offense. The secondary can't produce like last year and the problem of getting to the quarterback returns from last year.

Rookie Irvin gets in trouble with the law again and is deemed a lost cause as he is unable to produce on the field either. He turns into an all-to familiar story following Aaron Curry's footsteps.

By the end, the playoffs become just a faded dream as the final few games are played just for pride. Pete Carroll ends his run with the Seahawks as we find out that the third time is not the charm for Carroll in the NFL.