Lucian Bute vs. Carl Froch: Carl Froch Knocks out Lucian Bute in Round 5

Justin TateCorrespondent IMay 26, 2012

Carl Froch, the new 3-time Super middleweight world champion
Carl Froch, the new 3-time Super middleweight world championScott Heavey/Getty Images

Carl Froch demolished Lucian Bute en route to a fifth-round KNOCKOUT! Bute was out on his feet with his head snapping back and forth wildly over the ropes as Froch aimed to take off his head.

Since the first round, it seemed Bute had trouble trying to adjust to Froch's busy no-nonsense style of jumping in with no jabs and just dropping bombs and flurries.

Bute countered with a few lefts but fought a very measured pace. Maybe a little too measured. Froch would just come in and completely disrupt Bute's thought-process with his vicious flurries.

Bute was first hurt in the Round 3. He barely survived and was wobbly with a minute left in the round. He came out stable and well in the next round only to end up even closer to a stoppage by the end of the round.

In Round 5, Froch hit Bute against the ropes and hurt him bad. "The Cobra" jumped on Bute to finish him. Bute sinking helplessly against the ropes prompted what looked like the fight being stopped.

It was really the referee starting a count as Bute slumped against the ropes, ready to fall at any given moment.

Bute was able to stay on his feet, but he clearly was not ready to continue. Before he was inevitably counted out, Bute's corner came in the mercifully end what was a shocking rebound for Froch.

Froch is now a 3-time super middleweight champion, clearly rebounding from his December loss to Andre Ward (25-0, 13 KO). Bute was originally being lined up to face Ward before being stopped in this fight.

This could likely be knockout of the year as well as comeback for Carl "The Cobra" Froch.