Aaron Rodgers: Set Up to Fail

Danny DraginCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2008

Congratulations, Aaron Rodgers!  You’re now the Green Bay Packers’ new starting quarterback.  More importantly, you’ve just joined an elite fraternity.

There is no President, Vice President, or Secretary.  Just a bunch of members identified simply as “What's His Name?”

Your dues have already been paid in full.  Mr. Rodgers, you just replaced a legend.

Why not ask fellow fraternity member, Pete Myers, how it feels?

In recent years Dan Marino, John Elway, Barry Sanders, Cal Ripken, and Tony Gwynn all retired from their respective sports after playing their entire careers in the same uniform.

And today, Brett Favre did the same.  Sure he started his career with the Atlanta Falcons, but he will forever be remembered as a Green Bay Packer.  For the last 16 years, he was the face of the franchise.

For the last couple of years, Aaron Rodgers has been the star in his own lonely rendition of The Apprentice.

It’s hard enough to make it to the pro level of any sport.  To replace a legend makes it almost impossible to be successful.

Taking the place of a great would be the equivalent of following in your father's footsteps—if your dad were, say, Michael Jordan.  You decide you want to play basketball.  Sadly, your fate was sealed long before that first jump ball.

The fraternity is always looking for new members.  In LA, when Kobe steps aside, it will welcome another.

When Tom Brady moves on, they’ll have to make more room.  And when Peyton Manning plays his last game, the fraternity will grow again.

Elite athletes are so few and far between.  We as fans cheer for these special athletes and dissect their every move.  Unfortunately, by doing this, we’re also setting the next guy up for failure.  Every time!

Perhaps Rodgers will find success in the NFL.  But it’s very doubtful he’ll find it in Green Bay.