How Randy Orton and Chris Jericho Can Make Drew McIntyre Relevant

Dustin MurrellSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2012

A program with Randy Orton would do more for Drew McIntyre than his match with Hornswaggle. (Image courtesy of
A program with Randy Orton would do more for Drew McIntyre than his match with Hornswaggle. (Image courtesy of

While writing my Smackdown review, I was thinking of what to do with Randy Orton now that Chris Jericho has been suspended. I came up with an idea that would allow The Viper to slip right back into his feud with Y2J when the suspension is over—give Orton something to do that doesn't involve the World Heavyweight Championship, and give Drew McIntyre a chance to make a name for himself.

Since Randy Orton is the "franchise player" of Smackdown, leave him off of Raw this week. They aren't hurting for talent.

On Friday, Orton can approach Eve backstage, making a case for being involved in the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out, despite not winning the triple threat match.

Suddenly, without warning, Drew McIntyre attacks Randy Orton with a chair shot from behind. Orton is laid out, Drew McIntyre runs away and neither are seen the rest of the episode.

On June 8, put Orton in a match with someone like Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler who could really use a win.

While the referee is distracted, Drew attacks Orton again, knocking him out with a chair and causing him to lose his match.

On June 15, Orton is seen several times backstage, searching for Drew McIntyre.

Yet again, McIntyre manages to sneak up on Orton and lay him out with a chair. This time, before taking off, McIntyre says, "See you at No Way Out, Viper!"

Of course, Randy Orton gets the win at No Way Out, but not before Drew McIntyre has a few close falls. It's definitely no squash match. But as Randy Orton is celebrating, giving his arms-outstretched pose, McIntyre attacks him again, leaving him laying in the ring as Drew escapes.

The next episode of Smackdown is June 22.

Matt Striker is interviewing McIntyre backstage asking him why he's been attacking Randy Orton. McIntyre says it will all be explained on Monday at Raw. Then Randy Orton attacks him and it takes half a dozen superstars to pull him off of Drew, who retreats.

Raw is June 25, the day that Jericho's suspension is lifted.

He makes his return to Raw, admitting his suspension, but said even that can't stop him: he had Drew McIntyre do his dirty work for him.

Unfortunately, Drew didn't get the job done at No Way Out, so now Jericho has to take care of it himself.

Orton gets a program where he wins at the PPV, Drew McIntyre gets a chance to prove he can work with the big dogs and Jericho slides right back in when he returns, continuing his feud with Randy Orton.