Tennessee Titans: A Look to the Offseason

Austin LewisContributor IFebruary 4, 2009

 With a reported 35 million in salary cap space, the Tennessee Titans appear to be in good shape to make a splash in the offseason. But Titans fans, don’t get your hopes up, TJ Houshmandzadeh won’t be wearing a Titan uniform come September. If he even sniffs the air at Baptist Sports Park, I’ll be surprised. 

But looks can be deceiving. With a long list of in house free agents that include 

Albert Haynesworth, DT
Rob Bironas, K
Kerry Collins, QB
Bo Scaife, TE
Vincent Fuller, CB
Chris Simms, QB
Chris Carr, CB
Justin McCareins, WR
Reynaldo Hill, CB
Daniel Loper, OL

Both parties have expressed a desire for Albert to stay in Tennessee. Both parties undoubtedly know that Albert is about to be a rich man. How rich? Last year, the Oakland Raiders signed fellow DT Tommy Kelly to a seven year, 50.5 million dollar contract, with over 18 million in guaranteed money.

Open Fort Knox and back up the trucks, the Albert Haynesworth Tennessee Stimulus package is here. I expect Albert to sign a contract in the range of a seven year, 60 million dollars, with over 25 million in guarantees. 

Mike Reinfeldt can’t afford not to sign Haynesworth. The havoc he wreaks up front cannot be replaced. I can think of no better words for Mike Reinfeldt, “git 'er done.”

As long as the Titans play "Fisherball", a good field goal kicker is necessary. Titans fans, expect to see Bironas in Columbia Blue next fall. 

Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher recently announced that Kerry Collins would be the starter next year. That says enough. You don’t play football without your starting quarterback, Collins will be back next year.

Bo Scaife is a must for the Titans in 2009. Not only has he put up some nice numbers in Tennessee. With an aging Alge Crumpler and second year player Craig Stevens at Tight End, Bo Scaife is a high priority target. I think he’ll be back next year as well. 

Defensive backs Vincent Fuller and Chris Carr will be back, Vincent in the nickleback role and Carr as the Titan's return man. 

With all of the head coaching changes and teams looking for a quarterback, I believe that Chris Simms will playing elsewhere in 2009. There will be too many opportunities for him to see playing time elsewhere.

Justin McCareins showed Titan's fans one thing this year: he’s gotten older and not necessarily wiser. I don’t see him playing a role for Tennessee in 2009.

It is possible that offensive lineman Daniel Loper might be able to sneak away and find a starting role somewhere. However, it is still a possibility he might be back in Tennessee. He makes for quality depth and should sign for a low price. 

Reynaldo Hill or “The Chosen One,” as he is called by some fans, has not progressed since his rookie year. He could come back and provide some depth or perhaps some poor team, could sign him away hoping that a change of scenery produces a change in results.