National "Parcells" League? Could It Happen?

Deb LagardeCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

At last count, there are 18 NFL teams that have directly or indirectly been influenced by Bill Parcells since the '90s, into 2008, when the Parcells name began to be associated with "championship" or "quick turn-around."

What with the record-tying 10-game-improvement, from 1-15 to 11-5 by Parcells' latest rebuilding effort, the 2008 Miami Dolphins, coupled with the controversy surrounding the "rumors" that Parcells might bolt from Dolphin-nation with the change in ownership from Wayne Huizinga to Steve Ross, using an opt-out clause in his contract, this writer starting speculating on the possibility that "the Tuna" might wind up turning around another woeful franchise in 2009.

It looks like Parcells is staying in Miami, at least for 2009. Could be that if Miami goes to or wins the next Super Bowl, Parcells will bolt, then.

Regardless, at some point, Parcells will try his hand with at least one more team, and there are a whole slew of them which would certainly try to get him as a GM or Head of Football Operations, the more autonomy granted, the better (that leaves out the Raiders).

Who knows? When he leaves Miami, then goes to, say, Seattle or Detroit or Cincinnati, and then perhaps another team, it is possible that in ten years EVERY TEAM in the NFL will have been influenced by Bill Parcells!

Through Parcells, the following teams have been directly influenced by his tenures:

New York Giants (head coach from 1983 to 1990), New England Patriots (HC from 1993 to 1996), New York Jets (HC from 1997 to 1999), Dallas Cowboys (2003-2006), and Miami Dolphins (Executive VP for Football Operations, 2008-?)

Then you have Parcells assistants who have become head coaches, of whom these have coached NFL teams: Bill Belichick (Patriots, as well as Browns, and assisted on Jets); Tom Coughlin (Giants, and also assisted with Jaguars after his job under Parcells on the Giants); Sean Payton (Saints, after his tenure under Parcells in Dallas); Tony Sparano (Dolphins, after his tenure under Parcells in Dallas); Eric Mangini (Jets, and now Browns, with Mangini being Parcells assistant with Jets during Parcells' HC job there in the '90s).

Further, there are indirect influences of Parcells through the dispersion of assistants of these coaches, especially Bill Belichick.

Assistants to Belichick (besides Mangini) who have gone on to work for other teams as head Coaches include Josh McDaniels, new Head Coach at Denver, and Jim Schwartz, new Head Coach at Detroit, who was DC of the Titans and an assistant at the Ravens after they moved from Cleveland.

Assistant Coaches for other teams include Ozzie Newsome, General Manager of the Ravens; Scott Pioli, new GM of the Chiefs; Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator of the Browns; Jeff Davidson, Offensive Coordinator of the Carolina Panthers; Mike Tannenbaum, GM of the Jets, and Thomas Dimitroff, GM of the Falcons. Also, Ryan was a recent DC of the Raiders.

Then there are Coughlin assistants who have moved on. Bobby Petrino was the HC of Falcons in 2007. Dick Jauron is still the HC of the Bills, and his Giant DC, Steve Spagnuolo, is now HC of the Rams.

So that means that Bill Parcells has directly or indirectly influenced the Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys, Dolphins, Saints, Browns, Jaguars, Broncos, Lions, Ravens, Chiefs, Panthers, Falcons, Titans, Raiders, Bills, and Rams.

Eighteen teams and counting...