WWE: Colt Cabana, Botchamania and Hidden Internet Gems in Pro Wrestling

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMay 24, 2012

WWE: Colt Cabana, Botchamania and Hidden Internet Gems in Pro Wrestling

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    Pro wrestling and the Internet go together like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps the distribution of jelly is a little uneven, but still, when the pair met some two decades ago it was love at first sight.

    The Internet shares a very complex love-hate relationship with the WWE. While it was, for all intents and purposes, responsible for killing kayfabe and breaking down the coveted figurative cloak of Vince McMahon's empire, the tool is also being used for good by the biggest wrestling company in the world. 

    In fact, some of the WWE's biggest revenue streams come from agreements with social media companies like Twitter and YouTube.

    Social media and video sharing have also benefited forward-thinking talents who are not so fortunate to get a check from the WWE, as some of the most entertaining wrestling content doesn't always happen on Monday nights.

Colt Cabana Stars in 'Creative Has Nothing for You'

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    Colt Cabana has spent his entire pro wrestling career paying his dues.

    While his wrestling career may eventually go down as a story of what could have been, following an ill-advised experiment in the big leagues as Scotty Goldman, Colt Cabana has refused to let that unfavorable caveat define his life.

    Cabana has branched out from wrestling to create one of the more formidable mini-social media empires in all of sports and entertainment.

    In addition to heading up a five-dollar wrestling promotion littered with train-wreck qualities with rubberneck appeal, as well as a podcast geared towards a hardcore wrestling fan base, Cabana stars in a weekly series of snippets satirizing the thankless and tense relationship between wrestler and writer. 

    Each week, Cabana—who plays an art-imitating-life wrestler who can't seem to catch a break from his narcissistic head writer played by Marty DeRosa—enters his adversarial writers' office hoping one of his meetings will lead to his big break. 

    Instead, hilarity (almost) always ensues. 

    The show is hit-or-miss, but perfectly optimized for today's social media generation plagued by short attention spans. 

Matt Hardy's Musings, Ramblings and Traces of His Career

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    Matt Hardy was one of the first wrestlers to truly embrace the potential of social media as he has made it a habit to perpetually update his dwindling fanbase with video messages chronicling an at-times troubling life.

    Since being released from both the WWE and TNA for similar downward spirals, Hardy continues to keep in touch with the web as he travels around the world on the independent circuit for the pleasure of those who still care to tune in.

    The good news in all this (other than the fact that his girlfriend is really hot) is that the tag team legend seems to be in good spirits these days, with no signs of delusion or reports of misbehaving.

Off the Air: The Footage They Didn't Want You to See

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    I watched the first installment of this provocative web series and literally could not stop.  I'll be occasionally mining the internet for the latest edition as this is the type of stuff tailor made for close followers of pro wrestling. 

    The vastly unseen pro wrestling footage of these 15-minute video collages date back to the attitude era, and even include recent out takes and off-camera hi jinks. 

    One of the prevailing themes of Off Camera is the unmistakeably obnoxious personality of Michael Cole, whose entertaining, yet at-times unbearable, heel character of today appears to be an extension of what he was really like all along. 


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    This is one of the more popular gems on the internet beloved by a great number of the so-called smart marks. 

    It's not so fun when the botches lead to injuries, but it's always a good time to re-watch matches for moments where a spot was verbally relayed by the wrestlers, or somebody just flat-out screwed up. 

    Botchamania is one of the more prestigious internet wrestling programs, if there is such a thing, and continues to be updated to this day.

Foley, Anderson Star in "Undisputed"

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    I've talked about the merits of this short-lived pro wrestling comedy before, but it's worth the repeat praises. 

    The Undisputed wrestling channel has not been updated in three months, despite showing clips for a future episode in its previous installment, which is likely an indication that the operation has been nixed. 

    The show stars Matt Reso as the head writer of a major wrestling promotion who is subject to deal with disgruntled wrestlers and a bonehead staff. 

    Mick Foley, Ken Anderson and Colt Cabana are among the show's all-star cast of wrestling personalities, and all do their part to add a genuine touch to a caricature of a comedy. 

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