Why The Miami Dolphins Should Draft Glenn Dorsey

The PhinisherCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2008

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Why They Should

Many NFL analysts would have you believe that the NFL combine and the months leading up the draft are equally volatile as the NASDAQ. With millions of dollars at stake, it may be just that.

No player this year has had his “stock” hurt by the combine quite like Glenn Dorsey.


He was once the consensus #1 pick, going to the Miami Dolphins.


Imaging results dashed this consensus by supplying his various suitors with the information that he had suffered a hairline tibia fracture in 2006.


Teams are wondering if the injury has lingered and if it will emerge again on the field of play.

Dorsey's draft ranking was additionally damaged by analysts noting he lacked the size to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, thus rendering him useless to the Miami Dolphins and their #1 overall selection. The Raiders, who run a similar scheme, are still being talked about as a possible place for him to fall to in the draft.


So why one and not the other?

There is no good reason. It's just talk. There is truth in the statement that Dorsey is not a great fit at nose tackle. He somewhat lacks in size to play that very specific position.


That isn’t to say he wouldn’t fit wonderfully at either of the other two spots on the line.

His tenacity and strength will make him a great rush end in a 3-4 and he has the size to play weak side as a run stopper if need be.


He’s also both quick and fast for his size and consistantly translated these onto the field. It is true that the nose tackle is the premier position in the defensive line, but the other two are crucial as well.

The Dolphins have admirably bolstered their defensive line through free agency bringing in two big athletic lineman in Jason Ferguson and Randy Starks.


Ferguson is an accomplished nose tackle and Starks can play any position on the line.


They also still have Vonnie Holliday, who had a down season last year, mainly due to injuries. Holliday is not young. He’s 32 and Ferguson is 33.


Starks is young and the addition of Dorsey would be a good investment for the future. He would be a good stock to buy.

The last prositive to drafting Dorsey is his charisma and character. An aspiring preacher, Dorsey is the type who will be very active in his community and provide a respectable face for the franchise. Rare traits on the defensive line. Ask the Bengals.

Why They Shouldn't

Ah, the hypocrisy reigns supreme. His tibia is a concern. Despite playing on it for the entire 2006 season (and playing well) it may become one of those nagging injuries that keeps him off the field.

There’s also the fact that for the last two seasons the Dolphins have drafted an injured player in the first round of the draft: Ted Ginn, Jr. and his high ankle sprain and Jason Allen with his dislocated hip.


Both have made it back onto the field but not without missing some time. Allen, drafted in 2006, didn't contribute until midway in 2007.

Let us also not forget the Dante Culpepper debacle. Dolphins fans may have had their fill of drafting or acquiring injured players.


Still, Dorsey is an intriguing possibility. Parcells drafts defensively 80% of the time in the first round. Do not think, or even entertain, that if Parcells thinks Dorsey is the guy that he’ll let the fans’ psychological health get in the way of selecting the right player. He’s that considerate.



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