Why Kurt Warner Will Be a First Ballot Hall of Famer

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2009

When talking about future Hall of Famers, you just have to look at past voting, and the guys that are in already to get the right picture.

I'm going to list the reasons why Warner will not only make the Hall of Fame, but be first ballot, in no order, just a list.


1. Awards- Some players don't need awards to be considered for the Hall of Fame, notice the some part. Most do, Warner has won two League MVPs, notice the two, the only other Quarterbacks to win two League MVPs in the Super Bowl era are Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

I believe it's safe to say the last two already have ready made busts in Canton.


2. Playoffs- Several great Quarterbacks statistically with large career numbers were not solid in the playoffs, Marino made one Super Bowl and was 8-8 in the playoffs, never got his ring. Dan Fouts, two Conference Championships, in seven games he threw 16 INTs to 12 TDs and Warren Moon, 3-7 in playoffs never having made a Conference Championship. All in.

Kurt Warner has an 8-3 playoff record, if that alone doesn't impress you, consider his three losses, two in the Super Bowl, all three had him throw for 365+ yards......yes that's right, even in his losses his stats were Godly.

He did however have ONE bad playoff game, against Tampa in the '99 NFC Conference Championship, but Rams won 11-6. He holds the career record of most total yards in Super Bowls, and is No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 in most Yards in a Super Bowl...in three Appearances. Winning a Super Bowl bolsters his cause, adding a SB-MVP.


3. Stats- His regular season stats collectively may not add up to Top 10 all time, but his single season stats do. Guess how many Quarterbacks have thrown for 4,300+ yards in a season thrice? Four, Marino, Manning, Brees, Warner no QB has done it four times, although Brees might, point is, that's an impressive stat line.

How many QBs have thrown for 30+ TDs thrice? Four, Marino, Manning, Favre, Warner. Not to mention Warner was the second QB ever to throw for 40+ TDs in a season.

Should I mention his averages??? No. 2 In Career Completion Percentage, No. 2 In Career QB Rating, and No. 1 in Passing Yards A Game, to note, Warner stands 15 games short of most 300 Yards games, and he's No. 2 in the playoffs with five.

The nail biter is he has 48,300 yard games, in 101 starts, giving him 47.5 percent chance he amasses 300 yards in a game, the second highest percentage in that category? Dan Fouts with 26 percent. Yeah...


4. Competition in Years of Eligibility- One always has to look at who else is on the nominee ballot when assessing the chances of a candidate. Positions count, so usually, with five players going in, it's quite rare to see more than one of a position, like say, two Quarterbacks.

In Warner's case, there is Favre, now if Warner was to retire this year and Favre did not, Warner would be up before Favre, or if Favre retired this year and Warner stayed on for a year or two. This would give Warner an almost free pass because what other QB might come up with a better shot in the same year?

On top of this, it doesn't seem like there may be several sure fire Hall of Famers retiring the same year as Warner or around. LaDainian Tomlinson comes to mind, but he's not done yet, so really, what will Warner's big competition be? Outstanding snubs perhaps? I believe Cunningham will get in before Warner is eligible.


5. The Good Guy- The same can be said for several Hall of Fames for other sports as well, great players with great personality, have an easier time getting in. For that is the real reason why players like Derrick Thomas had to wait a while and why players like Ricky Watters will probably never get in, attitude.

Even though Derrick Thomas and Cris Carter also won Walter Payton Man of the Year awards, they had other problems. Kurt Warner has never committed a crime and has always carried the label of "no complainer", or "Mr. Humble."

That means a lot, it really does, and will go a long way getting him first string votes for Canton.


6. Mr. Fix It- Did you know, before Warner got the Cards to the Super Bowl, only one QB had started in the Super Bowl for two different teams? His name was Craig Morton, he lost both with the Boys and Broncos, he also never made an All-Pro team, and was...well just never that great.

Warner on the other hand has not only gotten two teams to the Super Bowl, he won a Super Bowl, and the two teams he got there, the Rams and Cardinals were, before him, known as loser franchises.

Rams having made one Super Bowl, in '79 and licking the toilet seat for much of the '90s, and the Cardinals, having not even made a Conference Championship, the LAST team to not make a Conference Championship of the original teams at the beginning of the Super Bowl era. Yeah, Kurt Warner got TWO deadbeat franchises to the Super Bowl.


For all these reasons, and probably more, Kurt Warner will have no problem getting the nod, first ballot, as a Hall of Famer to Canton.