Funniest WWE Memes on the Internet Part II

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 22, 2012

Funniest WWE Memes on the Internet Part II

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    Thanks to the ever-creative, ever-bored segment of the wrestling population, some fantastically funny WWE memes await our eager eyes.

    The simple act of superimposing text over preexisting images may or may not be a fad we'll soon forget about.

    For now, it's a wonderful way to take a break from work.

    The following memes feature jokes aimed at Triple H, John Cena, Sin Cara and overly cynical wrestling fans.

    Where available, I've included a link to a template where you can create your own.  Feel free to share.  

    If you missed it, check out part one here.  

CM Punk Is Hungry

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    His nose bloodied and his pride stinging, CM Punk makes a convincing pouty face. 

    The long-haired version of Punk appears to get irritable when he hasn't eaten, especially when he was promised cake.

    The selection of photo is perfect, capturing Punk at a moment where he might burst into tears or kick somebody's face in. 

    It's interesting to see how much less tattooed he was back then too.

Smart Wrestling Fan (aka Smark)

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    Everybody knows this kind of fan. 

    They seem to enjoy complaining about wrestling more than actually watching it.

    Their favorite wrestler won the Royal Rumble and held the World Title for four months, but loses on Raw and this fan is griping about the booking.

    Impatience and faulty logic are hallmarks of this fan.

    Several more "Smart Wrestling Fan" memes have been made as well.  They're worth checking out.

Triple H

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    A clever play on the 'married to the business" phrase turns an unremarkable photo of Triple H into comic gold.

    Triple H's relationship to WWE royalty Stephanie McMahon has always been heavily scrutinized. 

    When the McMahons are in charge of choosing who gets to fight who and when, every time Triple H gets a break, it at least crosses fans' minds that only nepotism afforded him that opportunity.

    Triple H's WrestleMania 28 rematch with the Undertaker likely inspired this beauty.

WrestleMania 20 the Edited Version

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    WWE would love for the memory of Chris Benoit to fade from our collective brains.  

    Unfortunately for them, with matches like his fantastic battle with Shawn Michaels and Triple H at WrestleMania 20, Chris Benoit won't just go away.

    This meme captures WWE's intentions perfectly.

    The misdirection may even work for a moment or two. Wait, was this a one-on-one match?


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    Despite the fact that he wears eyeliner, there aren't many times one can question the Undertaker's masculinity.

    The massive man is one of the toughest wrestlers we've ever seen.

    Only in this split second captured by an opportune cameraman does he look like an overeager woman readying for a high-five.

    Creating a meme tucked into the safety of anonymity is the only way any sane person would insult the Undertaker like this.

Willy Wonka

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    There are countless "Condescending Willy Wonka" memes on the web. 

    It follows a simple pattern, an "Oh..." then a sarcastic question followed by a snarky comment. 

    Here we have the Emperor of Chocolate calling out new CM Punk fans who don't remember his ECW days much less his Ring of Honor days.

    Contrary to what Wonka is made to say here, you don't have to watch his ROH work to appreciate him, but you'll be glad you did.

    Make your own version here.  

Futurama Fry

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    "Futurama Fry" is another classic meme template. 

    His focused confusion has been the source of jokes about everything from pajama jeans to fake accents.

    It's utilized here to poke fun at WWE.

    True fans though know that WWE is part soap opera, but embrace it. Violence and athleticism is made better by love triangles and dark secrets.   

    Let's see Days of our Lives put on a Hell in a Cell match. 

    Make your own version here.  

Sin Cara

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    Unfortunately for the man formerly known as Mistico, he has more biting memes to his name than memorable WWE matches. 

    This one makes light of his Wellness Policy suspensions. 

    When WWE hired Sin Cara on, they likely expected the second coming of Rey Mysterio. 

    So far, his time in Vince McMahon's company has seen him be the butt of jokes like this one.

    Bleacher Report's own Big Nasty compiled other Sin Cara memes here.  

John Cena-Spoiler Alert

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    Let's be realistic. 

    Regardless of his head being split open and dampened with his own blood, despite getting clobbered for the majority of the match, chances are we'll see a resurgent John Cena.

    An Attitude Adjustment and a three count later and Cena will have beaten the odds once again. 

    Most anti-Cena fans point to his Superman-like booking as reason No.1 to despise him.

    This meme serves as a friendly warning. Don't get upset when he beats your favorite heel or surpasses Ric Flair's record. 

    We all know it's coming.

    Make your own John Cena meme here


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    The "Philosoraptor" meme is a web favorite.  Folks have put numerous editions of this together.

    The thoughtful dinosaur here turns his musings to WWE.

    He's seen Triple H bring a bottle of water to the ring. He's seen him proceed to spit it all in the air.

    Not surprisingly he begins to wonder if the Game ever actually drinks it.

    Let's hope for Stephanie McMahon’s sake that Triple H doesn't exhibit the same behavior at home. 

    How annoying would it be to be sitting on the couch and have your husband spray his water in the air like an elephant?

    Make your own version here.

More Dolph Ziggler

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    A Dolph Ziggler meme appeared in Funniest WWE Memes Part I and the surplus of additional hilarious Ziggler-centric ones earned a spot here as well.

    Most Ziggler memes run with the same type of joke.  He is so good at selling that…

    Fill in the blank yourself here.

    Hyberbole about Ziggler's selling ability has yet to get old.  An Internet piracy joke comes out of left field and delivers.

The Rock Driving-Challenge

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    There isn't a great version of the Rock Driving Meme despite the excellence of the format.

    I'm therefore challenging you all to top what already exists.

    The collection of movie stills features two blank lines for dialogue.  Generally the rhythm goes as follows: the Rock says something banal, chit chat or otherwise.

    The girl then says something surprising and/or offensive.  The Rock reacts.

    Not the most complicated joke structure ever, but true success has yet to be achieved. 

    Feel free to create your own here and link us all to your work in the comments.