Rolando McClain Must Go: It's Time for a New Era in Oakland

Ryan BlakemoreContributor IMay 20, 2012

Rolando McClain during 2011 arrest (John Godbey, AP/Decatur Daily)
Rolando McClain during 2011 arrest (John Godbey, AP/Decatur Daily)

I like an underdog story just as much as the next guy, but Rolando McClain needs to be traded or released from the Oakland Raiders.

Let's cut through the crap. This is a classic Oakland Raiders story: troubled, yet immensely talented ball player is given chance after chance to prove his worth, but potential never surfaces. Oakland management needs to save everyone the trouble of seeing another talented player collect a check without showing his worth.

Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen vowed to usher in a new age in Raider Nation. Let's face it, Raider faithful, we're all sick and tired of losing.

The path back to a black and silver dynasty starts with personnel. McKenzie and Allen took the first step in the process by utilizing the 2012 draft to stock the roster with players who love the game and who are driven to succeed. The days of drafting for physical speed and size are over; the Oakland Raiders are determined to fill their team with players who want to contribute. Rolando McClain simply does not fit this vision. 

McClain has been given every chance to succeed since the first day he stepped onto the sacred Coliseum floor. Not only has he not utilized his immense potential, but he has not done anything notable (other than make a fool of himself during the bye week with an embarrassing arrest).

When you don the silver and black, you are expected to be a tough, gritty, grinding football player. As the middle linebacker, you are held to an even higher standard, as you are expected to be the leader of the defense. Rolando McClain has not proven that he has the ability to cover his own assignments, let alone run and rule a tough defensive-minded squad. 

It might not be the popular choice, but Rolando needs to go. The Raiders are restocking with a new breed of players, and McClain is not fit to lead the Raiders into the promised land. McKenzie and Allen need to stick to their plan of compiling high-integrity players by doing what is best for the Oakland Raiders: cut or trade Rolando McClain.