Questionable Refereeing in Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl Win

King KContributor IFebruary 3, 2009

Pittsburgh now has the most Super Bowls. Did the NFL want Pittsburgh to win?

It is interesting to note some of the calls by the boys in stripes.

For starters, the not one but TWO overturned calls from Arizona challenging (and Whisenhunt won three out of his last 13 challenges)

Secondly, the Cardinals racked up almost 100 yards in penalties
and Steelers fans argue that Pitts got a lot of penalties too, but they were unsportsmanlike by fighting Arizona players on the side line and Harrison wrestling in the field.

Quite the opposite of Cardinals penalty calls.

The "safety," yes ok Steeler fans again argue that it was a bad call for a hold; however, I will counter that the play before that was questionable if he got out of the end zone with that run. The referees took extra time to blow that whistle, allowing for Pitts to get that second surge.

Harrison's Interception-great play and great run, but he was tight roping that sideline, and luckily Harrison's knee came down before the end zone but unfortunately on Fitzgerald's leg and making it legal.

But note that referees instantly called it a TD and only two seconds left, would have made the difference in the end score.

Finally, the last play with five seconds left Kurt appears to be in a forward throwing motion which could have been ruled incomplete, allowing for a last second hail mary and we all know Larry "catch anything even out of my range" Fitzgerald could have caught.

Yet it is very suspect that the booth did not even attempt to review it. Even though it probably would have stood.

Just simple observations but one could definitely draw conclusions. Reminds me of the "Immaculate Reception" against the Raiders-when whether or not that catch was scooped off the ground, or whether or not the ball hit Jack Tatum's helmet (which would have been ruled incomplete back then), but the major fact is after it was ran in for a touchdown the referees looked at the play and hesitated, which for the Raiders felt like an eternity, and it was then called a touchdown in Pittsburgh, PA.

Refs must have feared steel town repercussions if ruled not in their favour.

If you do not want to think that far back then how about the Super Bowl versus Seattle that also had questionable calls and again Pittsburgh became victorious.