WWE Over the Limit 2012: Power Ranking Stars That Must Help John Laurinaitis Win

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WWE Over the Limit 2012: Power Ranking Stars That Must Help John Laurinaitis Win
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With the 2012 Over the Limit Pay-Per-View on Sunday, May 20, its time to figure out how the WWE plans to end their main event between John Cena and general manager John Laurinaitis

As much as the board of directors has tried to level the playing field in this match, there is no way that this bout will end with anything but a run-in from a currently unemployed WWE star.

All of the following stars have a chance to interfere on the main event, but there is clear pecking order of which is most likely.


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No. 1: Big Show

The most likely scenario on Sunday night would be the return of the Big Show. With Johnny Ace firing the Big Show this Monday after he humiliated himself trying to retain his job, this feels like that WWE is building for.

While many fans have grown tired of Big Show's nice-guy persona, being a pawn in Johnny Ace’s game is the kind of wrinkle in the storyline that works well for all parties.

The WWE must get Big Show back on TV and they need John Laurinaitis to stay GM, so what better way to get Big Johnny over in the match and more heel heat than by allowing him to force Big Show to attack Cena.


No. 2: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

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With Brock Lesnar and the WWE feuding over his contract and his attack of Triple H, there is no reason that John Laurinaitis can’t call on his war machine again to help him beat Cena down.

While their relationship has been strained, money talks in Lesnar’s world. Add in the beef with Triple H and the destruction he can cause by screwing up the main event, and it may be too much for Lesnar to pass on.

Add in the fact that Lesnar needs vengeance for losing, and the duo of Heyman and Lesnar may have no problem holding the WWE hostage. Now that would be an interesting angle.


No. 3: Batista

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While this is the longest shot of all, there has been talk since WrestleMania 28 about the possible return of Batista. With the star’s final match in WWE coming at Over the Limit in 2010, this would be a perfect time to return.

Batista was never my favorite, but his time as a heel before his departure was much better than his run as a face. If they bring him back as the heel to John Cena’s face, it will work out for everyone.

If the WWE is genuinely concerned about the falling numbers, they must use their resources to bring back the big stars that the fans want. Batista is one of those big names.


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