With Tim Ruskell in Charge, Will Seahawks' First Pick Ever Be the Best of Seven?

lonnie swansonContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

What is going on in Seattleland? Well, we have the combine coming up in late Feb. and the draft in April. Free agency declaration is right around the corner, and the only news so far that is in concrete in Seattle is that Leroy Hill decided to take a nap in the middle of a street in Atlanta one night, unfortunately under the influence of a controlled substance.

Well, one thing is for sure; all us fans, smart or not to the knowledge of the game, are all excited and anticipating the first move Seattle makes in this offseason. Whether it be a cut, a trade, a franchise tag, whatever—it is going to help us all see some sort of direction the Seahawks are going.

I know all of us Seahawks fans all have our views when it comes to whom Seattle should draft, who to cut, who to sign or re-sign, who to go after, and who is unattainable. I of course, like everyone else, have my personal views on which and what needs to happen, who my favorites are, and who just doesn't belong in Seattle.

So of course without further interruption, here is my draft based on my views.

No. 1: LeSean McCoy

No. 2: Darrius Heyward-Bey

No. 3: Trevor Canfield

No. 4: Mike Hamblin/Nic Harris

No. 6: Rhett Bomar

No. 7: Nader Abdallah

So there it is. Now my dream draft would have the Seahawks making some miraculous trade with Philadelphia and taking their 28th pick and having two picks in the first round: No. 4 and No. 28 of the first round. Then my draft would go fourth pick: Malcolm Jenkins, 28th pick: LeSean McCoy. Rounds two through seven would stay the same.

I believe that Seattle does not have to get Michael Crabtree to be productive. I get sick and tired of hearing people say we need him to win. NO WE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People compare him to Calvin Johnson, Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin—does any one of these players wear a big fat Super Bowl ring on their finger? NO! Almost for Fitz and Boldin, but what was missing? A running game and defense. The Cards were so up and down this year it was pathetic. They got lucky to be where they were.

I think that Seattle needs to evaluate what they have as far as players go and make a trade to Philly, and if we need to eat a little to sell the trade for one extra first round pick, then we do it. I have heard some suggestions of trading down. No, no, no! You do not give up a number four pick in an NFL draft to get extra picks; this is not the MLB. Top talent comes in the top 10 picks.

Now, as far as free agency goes, if something can get addressed in free agency as far as positional players go, then maybe a few later round picks can change, but the top three picks need to remain as is. I also think that there is a little bit of bench talent that some people that WILL watch the Seahawks lose got to see last year. Seattle has some people that are ready and willing to step up.

It was a given that last year was a mess when it came to who were the starters due to the big injury bug. We had no real starters; it was Holmgren saying to a player, "Get ready, 'cause in about two more series you're going to go in 'cause the guy at your position is going to get injured, OK. Be ready."

I mean, for all you believers that we should trade down for more picks, because you get MLB and the NFL confused, it is just like having a new DH step in about midseason. You would say to yourself, "He should be fine; he takes BP all week, and he is a pro player," and you can't understand why he struck out the next 20 at-bats.

It's the same way in the NFL; if you ain't getting the starts in a game, you ain't getting real reps—only practice reps. You give any one of those guys who had to fill in a full 16 games under their belt, and they will become true starters....maybe not for the Seahawks, but for some team that had the room, they could start for that team. So when I hear tons of writers saying we should take an OL, sorry guys, it is not a No. 1 need.

I think that when it comes time for Seattle to draft on day one in the first round, they will screw it up 'cause Tim Ruskell has his head in his ass. Our best pick is always a later round pick. Jim Mora, just like Mike Holmgren, will have some say, but when the Commish announces our first pick, it is actually going to be as if Ruskell was saying the words.

This team is going to have a hard time getting back to the top if Ruskell is still the main squeeze in town. If he will let Mora take the wheel, we will be fine.

Oh, and on a little different subject, if you look at the picture in this article, it is LeSean McCoy (for those who didn't know). Well isn't it ironic that he is wearing the same number as the guy who most Seahawks fans think needs to leave town: Brian Russell, No. 25.  Would be hard to give McCoy his college number.  Just kind of something to ponder.