UFC 94: Writer's Results

Andrew AltonCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Well, the judges definitely earned their paychecks at UFC 94.  The theme for the fight card was to let the judges decide the winner, as the first eight fights all went to the scorecards.

The Outcomes:
Dan Cramer defeated Matt Arroyo via split decision.
Jake O'Brien defeated Christian Wellisch via split decision.
John Howard defeated Chris Wilson via split decision.
Thiago Tavares defeated Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision.
Jon Fitch defeated Akihiro Gono via unanimous decision.
Karo Parisyan defeated Don Hyun Kim via split decision.
Clay Guida defeated Nate Diaz via split decision.
Jon Jones defeated Stephan Bonnar via unanimous decision.
Lyoto Machida defeated Thiago Silva via first round knockout.
Georges St. Pierre defeated BJ Penn via fourth round stoppage.

The Writer's Results (record on this card; record for year; correct pick percentage):
Brian Oswald (7-3; 16-4; 80%)
Andrew Alton (6-4; 14-6; 70%)
Robert DesRoche (7-3; 7-3; 70%)
Jessy Morris (7-3; 13-7; 65%)
Mike Leanza (5-5; 12-8; 60%)
Flyin' Hawaiian (4-6; 12-8; 60%)
Jaime Moreno (4-6; 12-8; 60%)

The Consensus: (4-3; 12-4; 75%)

A few comments...

Wow, eight decision victories!  Five of the decisions were split decision victories.  This made it clear to me that the scoring system needs to be altered in MMA.  The current scoring system is structured for boxing, not MMA which has several different ways to impress and "score" points.

For example, I disagree with Karo Parisyan winning his fight by split decision.  It is arguable that Kim lost two of the three rounds, however, he was better in the overall fight than Parisyan.  Kim should have won that fight.

The Guida-Diaz fight was extremely disappointing to me.  I was very excited for this fight and it let me down.  The fight was extremely scrappy and messy.  Granted, I know Guida is a wrestler and appreciate his skills displayed in the fight.  That being said, I was hoping it would be more entertaining.  I would like to see Diaz get another shot at an upper tier opponent.

Jon Jones has a bright future in the UFC.  His slams were very impressive along with his kicks.  Also, the name Jonny "Bones" Jones is pretty sweet.

I think Stephan Bonnar will likely go through the same transition as Frank Mir.  His first few fights will be underwhelming and he may lose them, but eventually he will regain his old form.  At least I hope.

Lyoto Machida is a stud.  Period.  Give him the title shot he deserves.

BJ Penn still doesn't have the conditioning to compete at the Welterweight division, or against elite competition.  Natural born talent only gets you so far, you have to put in some effort as well.  Penn's fans deserve better.

GSP is a machine.  I can't wait for the fight against Alves (hopefully at UFC 100).  A victory there could potentially set up a fight against Anderson Silva in December.  I can dream.

Does anyone train harder than GSP?  He puts in the work and has definitely earned all of his success the right way.  He is athletic, but he has worked hard and sacrificed to reach the level of success he has attained, thus creating a giant fan base that respects him as a fighter and person.