2012 MLB All-Star Game: Which Mets Deserve to Make the National League Roster?

Alex Giobbi@@alexgiobbiAnalyst IMay 18, 2012

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 13:  National League All-Star David Wright #5 of the New York Mets looks on during the 81st MLB All-Star Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 13, 2010 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The 2012 MLB All-Star Game will be held in Kansas City, MO this year. In this game, at least one member of each team will be showcasing his all-star skills.

For the past two years, the National League has come out on top, ending a streak of 13 wins (not including a tie in the 2002 edition) for the American league. In these past two games, the New York Mets were represented by the following: David Wright and Jose Reyes in 2010, and Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes (who was injured and did not play) in 2011.

As we prepare for the 83rd iteration of the game and festivities, the question arises: Who would represent the New York Mets?

The Mets have been a surprise this year, as they hold the 5th best record in the National League. Led by batting average leader David Wright, the team looks to hold on to that spot, and possibly become one of the first two teams to benefit from the expanded wild card.

While it is still May, voting has been going on since the beginning of the month, and it's safe to say nothing has broken yet.

But that doesn't mean that we can't speculate.

If I were to take a guess as to who makes this all-star team, the obvious choice is Wright. Wright is currently hitting .411, tops in all of baseball, ahead of Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton by 12 points. While he's still not hitting for power, his contact is impressive enough. If anything, Wright should be starting at third base when the All-Star Game starts.

Wright is the only sure fire candidate, but in the case of deserving candidates, there are a few.

Daniel Murphy is on pace to have another career year. A good start at the plate, combined with an even smoother transition on the field to second base has helped Murphy tremendously. Considering last year the name on the ballot was a Rule V pick by the name of Brad Emaus, this is major improvement. If he continues at this pace, he should garner enough consideration for the write-in spot, or even get in the Final Vote.

The same goes for Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwenhuis is off to a torrid start, as he is second among rookies in batting average, hitting .291 on the year. Nieuwenhuis is also second in runs, hits and RBI as well among rookies, according to MLB.com's Top Rookie Tracker. If anything, Kirk deserves to be on that ballot, even if he's a write-in due to Jason Bay already being put down as the starting left fielder.

As for pitchers, which are up to the manager (Tony La Russa), the only Mets pitcher I could see him take is R.A. Dickey. Dickey has been nothing short of excellent with less pressure on him due to the return of Johan Santana. He is under control and is most certainly acting as a leader in a rotation that has had its best and worst moments. If Dickey continues to pitch the way that he has been pitching, you can expect him to contend for a roster spot in Kansas City.

So while we fans wait for July 10th, we should be voting in David Wright. We should also try and get one more Met to come along with him, like Murphy or Nieuwenhuis, and hope that Dickey pitches like an All-Star.