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  12. David Wright homered last night on a 96 MPH fastball. He hit zero HRs on pitches that fast in either of the last 2 seasons.

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  17. I have been around David Wright since his debut and I must say I've learned so much from him that humility though not popular is important

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  21. David Wright: "I don't think anybody was going to outpitch Clayton Kershaw tonight." #Mets #Dodgers

  22. Terry Collins on David Wright: "You look at his career here, he's going to go down in history as one of the best Mets ever."

  23. Just saying, @StratOMatic predicted a Michael Conforto homer tonight. It picked a David Wright bomb yesterday.

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  25. David Wright: "Clayton Kershaw was just a beast tonight." Yup.

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  29. David Wright strikes out on a pitch that absolutely bottoms out. Two outs to go for K.C.

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  32. David Wright on Murphy's error: "That's not the reason why we lost this game. That's definitely not the reason why we lost this game." #Mets

  33. David Wright: “This is not Daniel Murphy’s fault. This is the New York Mets’ fault. We lost this game.”

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  36. David Wright has been standing at his locker answering questions for more than 30 minutes, never losing his composure. He is something else.

  37. A crushing loss for the Mets, and some guy asked David Wright this question postgame: "Second to baseball, what's your favorite sport?"

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  40. Last night, David Wright was most annoyed with lineup’s inability to add on.

  41. David Wright has the Mets' first hit since the first inning, and they've got two on with nobody out. Absolutely need to add on here.

  42. David Wright now with a single. #Mets cooking. 2nd hit of the night for NY. 1st/2nd 0 out.

  43. David Wright pulls a fastball through the hole. The Mets have traction against Volquez in the sixth.

  44. The Mets have done plenty of walking in this game. But they went an hour and a half between hits until that David Wright single.

  45. David Wright did nothing wrong on that play. He kept the lead runner close. Eric Hosmer got an immaculate jump and Lucas Duda panicked.

  46. David Wright is instructing the entire #Mets team to come back on the field. They're coming out to salute their fans who stuck around.

  47. David Wright had his guts ripped out. Yet, stood there for 30+ minutes to answer questions. Class all the way.

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