Saying Adios, Fairwell, and Goodbye to the NFL...For Now

Greg CookseyCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

I do not know exactly why I feel the way that I do about this, after all I enjoy football at pretty much all the levels.

Maybe it was the outrageously bad season my team the Cleveland Browns put out after it was promised to be an exciting one, or perhaps the fact that I had the perfect strategy at my fantasy draft and then only won one week. Whatever the case was, there where times that I happened to find the NFL season rather long and boring this season as well as frustrating to put up with.

Now that it is over I would be much remiss if I did not send some shout out and hopes to some teams and individuals, so I will take this time to do so.

To the the Detroit Lions: Yes you may have had as pathetic year as they come with a 0-16 season, but look at it this way, you will be much better for it in the years to come. You were finally able to get ride of Matt Millen who just may have been the creator of your pathetic state, and with new leadership and management your future could look to be an exciting one. Good days are ahead for you Detroit. You do have some good talent o your team, let's see if anyone know how to develop it.

To The Arizona Cardinals: Good luck as you look to build upon last night's heartbreaking loss. You had a terrific year and if you would have been able to finish off the Steelers would have been maybe the lease probable super bowl champion yet.

If I were a Cardinals fan I would be very excited about the coming seasons, especially if you are ever able to get the kind of production from Matt Leinart that you did from Kurt Warner. Plus maybe you have given Anquan Boldin a reason to not want to be traded. Having the type of receiving corps you do is scary, I would love to see what you guys would look like if you had a better running game to complement it.

To The Cleveland Browns: Good luck to you as you look for the fourth time to rebuild a broken franchise. Eric Mangini and George Kokinis have a huge mess to clean up. Can they do it? We will see, but God help both the fans and the organization if Randy Lerner has whiffed again with management.

To the Pittsburgh Steelers: Congratulations on your sixth championship and getting another ring for the other thumb or whatever the slogan was. You rose above what a lot of experts thought about you this season and have proven to be a model franchise in that Mike Tomlin was right about you being a 60 minute team. Plus you have one of the most fericous's defense in the NFL and big time play makers on your offense.

What's not to like about you guys? Enjoy your championship, and be ready to defend it next season.

And now for some individual shout outs.

To Brett Farve: Rex Ryan may be sure that if you decide to come back for another season that you will be all in, but please make sure that whatever decision you make ends up being the right and furthermore final decision! You have already made one franchise miserable as well as made life difficult for one coach and cost another one  his job all in one season.

Please do not make things any more difficult for yourself and loose anymore respect then you already have, if you are going to retire then do so, if you are going to come back and play do so and keep your mouth shut. Stop making trouble for yourself and everyone else is what I am getting at.

To Plaxico Burress and Adam "Pacman" Jones: I wish for you guys to pull your lives together and to use some common sense in the future. I will not play the role model card because if you want to go the direction of Charles Barkley and the " I don't get paid to be a role model" fine. Is this really the example you want to set for yourselves and what you want to be known for though? I sure would not.

You have both let a lot of people down and disappointed quite a few people. If all you want is for people to see that you can be good individuals and want people to see the good in you, then stop doing things and ending up in places that are only going to have the end result of you getting in trouble. Just because that you can do something or go somewhere does not mean that you should. Especially if there is the prospect of trouble lurking around the corner.

To Chad Johnson and Terrel Owens: Both of your acts are getting old. I would guess that judging by the stats and performances that you two had this season would suggest that this off season you need to just keep your mouth shut, accept where you are, and let your play do the talking for you.

To Braylon Edwards: Get a better head on your shoulders! Like I said in a past article, you have been given a chance to be part of a unique position by playing for some of the best fans in the NFL and one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, don't blow it because of displeasure with the fans. It is something that will haunt you if you do. Know your role and except it.

So with that We say goodbye until next fall to the NFL. Here is to the hope of more great storylines, teams with new coaching regimes, and all of the bone-crushing on-field excitement that is the NFL going into next season.