Milwaukee Brewers On Deck 2009: Things Overheard

Jeff BreenContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

As I cruised the convention floor, I was able to get some answers to some questions from players and staff.


"I want to be a set up man"

—Carlos Villanueva


"I love Milwaukee but I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this"

—Trenni Kusienerik when asked about leaving Brewers


"I'm just glad to be out of there!"

—Casey McGee talking about his time with Cubs


"We'll see how camp goes.  I'm finally healthy"

—Mark Rodgers on where he'll be after Spring training



—Mike Rivera when asked if he will get more starts


"I hope so too"

—Mat Gamel responding to my comment on having him brought up sooner than late


"It was a great expereince, I hope to do it again"

—Dave Bush on his playoff start


"I'll do it again if I get the chance"

—Todd Coffey's response to his evil stare towards the Reds front office


"Don't ask me, I wasn't a good hitter"

—Bill Schroeder responding to a fans questions about hitting


"Davey Lopes"

—Tom Haudricourt's answer to who was the Brewers worst manager


"He was more happy than anything"

—Tony Gwynn Jr. on knocking the Padres out of the playoffs


"We're gonna have fun out there!"

—Trevor Hoffman on 2009 season