Zuffa Should Sign Eddie Alvarez to Strikeforce for Gilbert Melendez

Nate WatsonContributor IIIMay 14, 2012

I previously wrote about why the UFC needs Eddie Alvarez.  But as I read about the predicament Gilbert Melendez is in, I have realized that a move to Strikeforce for the Bellator lightweight could be the answer to everyone’s problems. 

Melendez, the Strikeforce lightweight champion, is in dire need of credible opponents since he has made quick work out of almost every good lightweight outside of the UFC.  He has resorted to rematching multiple mid range fighters simply to remain active. 

Alvarez, who is in a similar situation in Bellator FC, has been rumored to be signing with the UFC in the near future after his TKO of Shinya Aoki.   

Unfortunately for Alvarez, he most likely wouldn’t be awarded with an immediate shot at the UFC champ.  In fact, he most likely wouldn’t get to fight for that belt until sometime next year. 

The top of UFC’s lightweight division has been congested by multiple championship rematches for different reasons.  This has created a long line of contenders who are all vying for that number two spot in line.   

My suggestion is that Alvarez be brought to Strikeforce as a needed step up from Bellator, and a shot at another title.  This could potentially be his way into the UFC if his stint in the lesser of the Zuffa promotions proves to be successful.   

It would introduce him to a new pool of contenders without subjecting him to the fate of the top lightweights in the UFC who are constantly knocked out of line due to close decisions and upsets.

A dip in the Strikeforce pool might be what Alvarez needs to become acclimated to such a higher level of competition. 

Alvarez is one of a few credible lightweights Melendez hasn’t challenged.  Michael Chandler, also in Bellator FC, submitted Eddie Alvarez, relieving him of the lightweight title last fall. 

A move to Strikeforce for Alvarez could be great for all parties involved.