Houston Texans Draft Needs: Defense, Defense, and More Defense

Josh FreerksContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

As a diehard Texans fan, it is quite clear to me what this team needs going into the 2009 offseason, especially the NFL Draft: Defense.

We have two emerging superstars in DeMeco Ryans and "Super" Mario Williams, but there are some glaring weaknesses that the defense still has.

I will closely examine what the Texans need to address on this particular side of the ball in order to have a shot at the playoffs next season.


Defensive End

We might as well have had played with three defensive lineman this year.

Anthony Weaver was a horrendous pickup for the Texans. How does a defensive lineman not record a sack all season? He could have at least had 1/2 a sack by being near the football when the QB was on the ground, but he failed to even do that.

Teams will continue to double-team Mario until we find a productive end to compliment him.



Since Marcus Coleman left the team, we have not had a playmaking safety on our roster.

With a safety that could potentially be a ball-hawk or a hard hitter, it will give our defensive line more time to produce coverage sacks against the quarterback.

Also, being in a division with Peyton Manning, teams need that safety in order to make them think twice about the location of their throws.


Defensive Tackle

Amobi Okoye needs another compliment, whether that be a veteran or somebody from the draft, to become as productive as he was when he was a rookie.

Travis Johnson is a joke and needs to be let go.

Hopefully, the coaching staff will try to develop Frank Okam more as a tackle.  He, can be the key to another good defensive tackle because he has first-round talent, no doubt.  He just needs to be given the time to work with.


Outside Linebacker

Our middle is set, without a doubt. There lacks, however, an outside guy to take pressure off DeMeco.

Morlon Greenwood is aging and had a bad year this year.

Although Xavier Adibi is talented, he is not the answer.  



Dunta Robinson has stated that he wants to come back, but I do not know if the organization will resign him. The defense vastly improved upon his return to the starting role.

Jacque Reeves, in my opinion, was somewhat underrated this year. Granted, the Texans paid too much for him, but he did produce this year. He just needs more coaching and time to develop his one-on-one skills.

If Dunta is released, the Texans could look to draft a corner.


These are some of the possible players the Texans could draft at their position by viewing some online mock drafts: Michael Johnson, Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, Tyson Jackson, Vontae Davis, Will Moore, Malcolm Jenkins, and Louis Delmas.