UFC 94 Fallout: Press Conference Notes, BJ Penn's Complaint

Josh NasonSenior Analyst IFebruary 1, 2009

Here are some notes from the post UFC 94 press conference in Las Vegas, NV, Saturday night. In case you missed it, here's the full results from UFC 94 and why I don't think the event will break the UFC's all-time PPV record.

- Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer/Yahoo Sports mentioned in his live notes that fighters were getting $20k bonuses for clean finishes. Of course, nearly every fight went to a decision, so that seemed to backfire.

- UFC President Dana White (seen above) said attendance was 14,855 for a gate of $4.3 million, adding that everyone was looking for tickets and that it was a crazy scene in trying to add more seats at the venue. Once confirmed, the gate will be the sixth highest in UFC history. (Thanks Five Ounces of Pain)

- Knockout Of The Night went to Lyoto Machida for his at-the-bell KO of Thiago Silva, earning him an extra $65k.

- Two bouts earned Fight of the Night honors earning the participants a cool $65k each: Clay Guida vs. Nate Diaz and John Howard vs. Chris Wilson. There were no submission finishes the entire night, which is likely why they added another FON honor.

- BJ Penn wasn't at the press conference, as he was being checked out at the hospital. Dana White said that his next fight would be a Lightweight title defense against Kenny Florian, but gave no timeline.

- Machida is not the next in line for a Light Heavyweight title shot, but might get one before the end of '09. The next man in line to face Rashad Evans will be announced after the Rampage Jackson/Keith Jardine title in March, fully expected to be Jackson if he wins.

- When asked about whether a GSP vs. Anderson Silva megafight was being thought of, White said he believed that guys should stay in thier weight classes for a while and that he was a fan of weight classes being 'cleaned out' before those are considered. Having said that, he would love to see the fight but had no idea if it would be for Super Bowl weekend of next year.

- White thought UFC Primetime was a good experience and that they'll do it again, but didn't want to do more than three in a year.

- When asked if there was any progress with Japanese Olympic judo Gold medalist Satoshi Ishii, White said there are several fighters they are interested in. He mentioned Kid Yamamoto who White said told him he'd love to finish his career in the UFC. Caol Uno will 'always be part of the UFC' and that they were talking with him, in addition to Ishii. He added that Japan 'was a very, very tough place to navigate and do business, but f**k 'em...' and that would be a deterrent from doing business there.

- They hope to have full licensing in New York and Massachusetts by the end of 2009 and then, their focus will be on Ontario, Canada.

- There is no timeline on GSP defending the Welterweight gold against No. 1 contender Thiago Alves.

- When GSP entered the press conference area, people clapped. You'd never see this at a traditional sports press conference and I'm not sure what to think about that.

- There was about a 20-pound difference in the main event as GSP said he went in at 187, while Penn weighed in at 168.

- To hear the press conference in full (just over 30 minutes), head here.

- BJ Penn's camp has filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission against Georges St. Pierre due to Vaseline that was applied to GSP's back and shoulders between rounds.

Between the first and second rounds, one of GSP's cornermen was applying Vaseline to his face and then wiped some on his back. The NSAC immediately jumped in and reportedly threw the Vaseline jar out of the cage. The substance was then wiped off of GSP's back.

UFC President Dana White didn't have anything to add at the press conference, other than "If a guy was intentionally putting Vaseline on a guy's back, he should never corner a mixed martial arts fight again."

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