WWE: 7 Possible Paths to the Top for Kofi Kingston

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IMay 10, 2012

WWE: 7 Possible Paths to the Top for Kofi Kingston

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    Stop me if you have heard this description of WWE superstar Kofi Kingston before.

    Kingston has a lot of talent and, at a young age, can really be something to see in the coming years of WWE. His in-ring ability is so unique and his connection to fans is among the best in the company. However, his gimmick is getting rather stale and his charisma is not quite at the par of what a main eventer should be.

    More importantly, Kingston has been in WWE for five years, won multiple tag team championships and has five combined reigns between the Intercontinental and United States Championships. There isn't much more for Kingston to do at the level that he at in the company. There are two directions left for Kingston: either move up or move out. Kingston is an immense talent that can be an important part of the future for WWE. So how does WWE elevate Kingston, who has waited patiently for his chance?

    There are ways to elevate Kofi Kingston's career. From a change in attitude to the alliance with certain people, Kingston has a few possible ways to become higher on the pecking order. From the realistic and likely to the farfetched long shots, here are seven ways for Kofi Kingston to move into the main event.

Win Money in the Bank

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    Let's begin with the path that many before him have used to insert themselves into the main event: winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Kingston can cite fellow competitors Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan all winning the honor and becoming world champion. Both Punk and Del Rio have won multiple world championships in their careers now and all but Swagger are involved in world title matches at Over the Limit.

    Kingston has been involved in four of these matches already and has not won one of them. Instead, Kingston's role has typically been to be the athletic superstar to be responsible for the memorable spot in the match. It is Kingston's incredible move that is the talk of the match until the winner is revealed, never being Kingston. Outside of Rob Van Dam, I cannot recall any superstar accomplishing both feats, so I guess we are due to see a change.

    Superstars like Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison and Jeff Hardy all tried and failed in their Money in the Bank quests, but all had moments to remember in these matches. Kingston has had those moments as well, but can he win the briefcase that they never could and continue the flawless streak of briefcase winners becoming world champions?

Form Air Boom Once Again

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    Kingston has been a multi-time tag team champion, but no team has garnered more attention for him than Air Boom, the team he formed last year with Evan Bourne. The two won tag team gold before getting their own entrance theme and name for their team. Just as the two were on top of the world, Bourne was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy. They remained champions through that time, but Bourne would return and quickly violate the policy once again, serving a 60-day suspension then. Prior to beginning that suspension, the two lost their titles to Primo and Epico. Bourne was supposed to return already, but suffered an injury in his foot and won't be back for another few weeks.

    Bourne is close to being fired for all of this. One more Wellness Policy violation will certainly do that. Suffering in all of that was Kingston, who thankfully did not get punished with the ordeal. Giving it one more chance, Air Boom could reunite and strengthen the tag team division like they were supposed to last time. The gratitude for doing so will have opportunities attached to it. Who will get those chances first: the injury-prone Wellness Policy violator in Evan Bourne or the company guy in Kofi Kingston?

Feud with Evan Bourne Upon His Return

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    This angle could even get flipped the opposite way. Kingston is currently teaming with R-Truth and holding the tag team championships as well. When Bourne returns, where does he fit into all of that? Do they acknowledge that Bourne disappeared for a while and left Kingston high and dry?

    One could turn on the other to have these two young and exciting superstars feud with one another. Just imagine a Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne feud. It may not sound amazing on paper, but with proper booking and the great matches the duo is capable of, it could be a big feud for them both.

Get Signed by A.W.

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    A.W. seems to want to sign the downtrodden international superstars that are being held down. He began with Primo and Epico, while showing interest in such stars as Mason Ryan. Kofi Kingston could be a nice addition to that as well. A superstar hailing from Ghana, Kingston is handcuffed to a gimmick that made him Jamaican. Now that he is properly introduced from Ghana, he is still with the Jamaican gimmick.

    More importantly, after being forced into a gimmick like that, Kingston was told to put a Jamaican accent on it as well. Kingston is so dedicated to the company that he practically denounced his own faith? That's incredible.

    A.W. can give Kingston the chances he only dreamed of previously. It also could mean the end of the Kingston gimmick and a repackaging into something more accurate to his real identity.

Align with Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero

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    If you don't align with the emerging A.W., there is one other faction to try and align with. Vickie Guerrero formed a pretty good bond with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, both of whom have fought Kingston tooth and nail over the years. Vickie has tried to cost Kingston many a match over time. While he has beaten them before, why not try to join them? Together, the four of them could be unstoppable.

    In their faction, it could free Ziggler up to pursue world championships, while Swagger and Kingston's styles would be a unique blend and could spell a tag team title run. It may seem like a sidestep, but Vickie Guerrero makes men become world champions. It is only a matter of time under the direction of Guerrero that Kingston would be inserted into the main event.

Turn Heel

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    Many of these paths are questionable without this fact happening. Kofi Kingston has been a face and a fan favorite for the five years he has been on the roster. Never once has Kingston ever had anything close to being a bad guy in anything he has done. It seems to me that he is due.

    Kingston may not be comfortable on the microphone, but a heel can get by with bad actions and intentions without having to explain himself. The idea of a mouthpiece for him, such as the aforementioned A.W. and Vickie Guerrero, would also help this transition. You'll never know if Kingston has it in him or not until they try. One of these days, Kingston will turn on the fans that love him and move up the ladder for it.

Continue on Current Path

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    Why steer away from what he is doing now? R-Truth has gotten world title shots over the years. His title reign with R-Truth at least gets him TV time, so why mess that up? Kingston is a popular superstar with innovative moves and a good spot nestled in smack dab in the middle of the card. If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.

    Kingston is only 30 and turns 31 in August. There is plenty of time for Kingston to make his way up there. For now, enjoy the spotlight and notoriety that teaming with R-Truth has for you. John Morrison and The Miz were both former partners with R-Truth and gained more main event attention than R-Truth ever did. Perhaps the same can happen with Kingston.

    If this duo revives the tag team division, who will get the first chance: the 30-year old Kingston or the 40-year old R-Truth? Mix in the fact that it was R-Truth who got suspended alongside of Evan Bourne the first time around and it is evident that Kingston's push is on the long to-do list in WWE.