4 New York Giants Veterans Who Are on Notice

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2012

4 New York Giants Veterans Who Are on Notice

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    Some New York Giants veterans need to be on notice this coming season. They may not lose their jobs, but they better pick up their play.

    Players can lose their jobs any day in the NFL; that's part of what makes it so exciting.

    Eli Manning won't lose his job anytime soon, but some other jobs on the Giants are up for grabs.

    Let's take a look at some of them. 

Terrell Thomas

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    His starting spot is safe for now, but will it be next season?

    It's hard to say for Terrell Thomas at this point. Obviously, Thomas will be starting next season, but Prince Amukamara will be right there when it comes to starting cornerbacks.

Osi Umenyiora

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    This slide is almost self-explanatory at this point. Osi Umenyiora wants a new contract, but the New York Giants won't give him one.

    Why should they?

    Osi read over the contract before he signed it, or at least his agent should have. It was front-loaded, and now he's replaceable. If you don't think so, check Jason Pierre-Paul's stats last year. 

    Obviously, the G-Men are better with him on the contract than without, but he has no leverage in this situation. 

Ahmad Bradshaw

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    Ahmad Bradshaw now has two younger—yes, younger—running backs gunning for his spot.

    Brandon Jacobs left the New York Giants; now it's up to David Wilson and Da'Rel Scott to gun for that No. 1 running back spot. 

    Bradshaw is currently coming off surgery, and he better be in full force if he wants to keep his starting spot come next season. 

David Baas

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    David Baas wasn't exactly what the New York Giants hoped last season.

    He missed some games, he missed some blocks and he wasn't exactly the best center in the league.

    However, expect better things from him this year.

    The one problem is that he'll be on a shorter leash this year. He can't have a season like last season and expect to keep his starting job. He needs to step it up from Week 1 and keep up that pace the rest of the season.