Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Jordan's Credibility Is on the Line If He Hires Ewing

Danny WebsterAnalyst IIIMay 8, 2012

On the basketball court, there's hardly anything you can say to criticize what Michael Jordan did throughout his career.

As an owner and general manager, the list is a mile long.

It's safe to say that "His Airness" has crashed down with a thundering impact since he's retired and became the man who wears outrageous suits and owns one of the worst teams to grace the NBA in the last 40 years.

We all know of his track record in terms of drafting players—dare I bring up Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison?—to hiring head coaches, with Sam Vincent being the most notably questionable hire in his tenure.

To Jordan's credit, he's gotten better at drafting players over the last couple of years. The Bobcats may have future All-Stars in their midst with guys like Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker, and they have a huge possibility to grab the No. 1 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, where the consensus choice would be to grab Anthony Davis.

As for coaching? He did fine with Larry Brown and, for a short tenure, made a somewhat decent decision to bring coaching legend Paul Silas to try and turn the franchise around.

That was until this lockout-shortened season, where the Bobcats officially became the joke of the league. Silas is now fired, and Jordan needs to once again find a new coach.

If the news that was released today does come to fruition, then Jordan may need to consider selling the team if it doesn't work.

As was first reported by The Orlando Sentinel on May 1, current Orlando Magic assistant coach and former New York Knicks superstar Patrick Ewing will be interviewed by his former rival to become the next head coach for the Bobcats.

Let the collective face palms begin.

It's most certainly not a lock that Ewing will be the next head man in Charlotte, but it may be a given at this point because no one knows who else would even want to take that job.

But let's look at the good and the bad of this possible marriage between Jordan and Ewing, because it actually evens out.

For the good, if the Bobcats get the first pick and take Davis, Ewing has another big man he can help tutor. Ewing's been working with Dwight Howard for the last number of years and it has to be Ewing's work that Howard has become arguably the most dominant center in the league.

By bringing in Ewing, it'll be a brand new coach working with one of the youngest teams in NBA history. Instead of bringing in an old-school mentality with the likes of Silas and Brown, Ewing may provide a fresh start to a franchise who needs help, and he'll most certainly get a good number of years to provide some magic in Charlotte.

However, the decisions made by Jordan alone as a front office representative make any decision he makes a questionable one.

If he hires Ewing, MJ will need to be patient and give him more than two years to see what he can do. The longest tenure any coach has had since Jordan took over as owner was two years, and that was Brown when he took Charlotte to its first ever playoff appearance.

Just like the situation in Golden State with Mark Jackson, time will be a necessity for Ewing if he's taking this scenario and running with it.

In order to make this work, Jordan must resist making any trades for new players that would alter the chemistry of the roster. It goes without saying that the move that changed the culture of the Bobcats to where it is today was trading Gerald Wallace, the only All-Star in Bobcats history, to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Jordan must keep the core of that group intact and not change anything, unless you have the chance to bring in a superstar-caliber player.

Jordan's credibility as a general manager and owner is on the line this year, and if he brings Ewing in to coach, he's stuck with him. He can't fire him for a new coach within two years and he can't break the chemistry with these young players.

For years, it was always Jordan who prevented Ewing from getting to the top of the league.

Now, it would be Ewing who has to save Jordan from being at the bottom of the league.

Talk about role reversal at its finest.