WWE: Pushing Lord Tensai Is the Biggest Mistake in WWE History

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMay 10, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

The WWE has had a lot of misses in their history, but no mistake has been as foolish and irresponsible as giving a push to Lord Tensai.

Before we get into why, let me cover another big mistake I'm just sure I will read in the comments section about how The Great Khali's push was worse. As bad as his huge push was, along with his terrible Punjabi Prison match, it was more deserving than Tensai because he was actually a celebrity out of the ring. The WWE wanted to milk that as much as possible, and it is totally understandable as to why they would do such a thing, but I digress. 

The problem with Tensai is that he's not going to star in The Longest Yard or Get Smart. With respect to Japanese wrestling, he is not very popular outside of the ring. The only thing lifelong or Attitude Era WWE fans know about Tensai is that he used to be a mid-carder who would never be over with the crowd. 

This is one of the biggest problems because it reflects poorly on the current state of the WWE. It says a lot when a boring mid-carder from the Attitude Era has defeated the WWE's current top two guys: CM Punk and John Cena. 

Let's just get this straight, no era will ever surpass the Attitude Era. However, if you are the WWE, you want to at least try and make that happen. By giving a push to Tensai, they are not only making themselves look bad because of his past, but they are forgetting to do the one thing that helped them a lot during the Attitude Era—push young stars. 

Tensai is nowhere near the type of draw that Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger or The Miz is. However, he gets more airtime than all of them, he faces better opponents than all of them and he looks more powerful than all five of them put together. 

That is not going to help the WWE in terms of a youth movement, and neither is having only two or three great matches on each card. The past two pay-per-views have had three very good matches, along with a couple of either very boring or forgetful ones. 

What made the older eras more successful was the depth on each card. There used to be a time where lower mid-carders were as over as the top guys, but I digress.

Where Tensai should be at this point is where Brodus Clay or The Big Show is—the mid-card. He should be facing Clay, The Big Show or a returning Mason Ryan. These types of feuds would actually be interesting, especially one with Clay because both have been undefeated since coming back to the WWE in their new gimmicks. 

Thankfully, Tensai has not been given a title shot yet, but if he is given a chance and he actually wins the title, it will be the biggest proverbial slap in the face the WWE has ever given their fans. 


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