Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIMay 8, 2012

Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

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    I am never watching Raw with my wife again. Since she's a nurse, she felt the need to question every "injury" she saw tonight.

    Tonight, we witnessed "ECW" chants, office brawls and John Cena defying medical science.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward.

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

What Is John Laurinaitis' Ultimate Goal?

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    Tonight was another aggressive showing by the General Manager of the WWE. He seems to be getting more powerful by the week. There was a focus on Big Johnny punishing anyone who opposes him. So far, John Cena, CM Punk and The Big Show have all fallen victim to Laurinaitis.

    What does this mean long-term though?

    For months, everyone speculated if John Laurinaitis was going to “create the Corporation 2.0” or if he was going to be the “reincarnation of Vince McMahon.”

    Of course, none of those things happened. However, recently, Laurinaitis has become more demanding and aggressive. Does this now mean he will become the heel General Manager we all expected?

    As long as Triple H keeps getting “injured,” which has happened way too much since becoming COO, Laurinaitis is free to do whatever he wants on screen.

    What do you think John Laurinaitis’ master plan is?

Why Is Any Storyline Being Focused on The Big Show?

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    I do not want to offend any fans of The Big Show, but I am having a hard time comprehending why any storyline is revolving around The Big Show right now.

    Tonight, we saw two incidents where The Big Show was “caught” making fun of John Laurinaitis by Eve. In fact, after the first occurrence, The Big Show was forced to apologize in a very humiliating fashion.

    What's the point?

    I feel bad for The Big Show because he's clearly at the end of his career, and I cannot grasp why he's made to look so foolish all of the time. His role should really be to put over the younger guys, not take away their screen time by taking part in asinine segments.

    Cody Rhodes also needs to face someone more talented as well. Rhodes is someone I legitimately see as a main-event talent in the future, and he needs to have better opponents than the sluggish Big Show.

    Is there a better way to use The Big Show than he currently is?

Will the Diva's Division Ever Improve?

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    We may have a new champion, but apparently, nothing has changed for the Diva’s division. Tonight, we all witnessed yet another meaningless tag team match featuring the Divas.

    Why does Kelly Kelly have to be involved in every Diva tag match?

    I only ask because it does not seem to matter who the champion is since she is always just…there. Although a better question is “why are there so many Diva tag team matches when there are no Diva tag team championships?”

    We are now in May, and there has not been any improvement in the Diva’s division. Every Raw, there are random tag team matches, and every few months we get a new champion for no apparent reason.

    I know a lot of WWE fans do not care about the Divas, but if they are going to be on my screen every week, then I at least want to see a better product. Every Diva I like has been released from Maryse to Melina to the Bellas, and no one has really replaced any of them.

    What can the WWE do to improve the Diva’s division?

Does John Cena Control the Board of Directors?

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    That would actually clear up a lot of things if he did.

    So apparently, John Cena “spoke to the Board” and convinced them not to reprimand John Laurinaitis for his actions last week on Raw. That’s funny because last time someone breathed the wrong way, the Board decided to take control of Raw away from Triple H and hand it to Big Johnny.

    I just cannot take another watered-down feud centering on John Cena, Kane, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and now, John Laurinaitis? At what point does John Cena take a breather and come back refreshed?

    If the WWE does not want us to use the term “Super Cena,” then maybe you should not have Cena tell us that “doctors wanted him to take off for a few months” but then have him wrestle a match in two weeks. At this point, I am convinced that Godzilla would not even be a match for John Cena.

    The best part of all is that the WWE made CM Punk, of all people, spell out the feud. Punk had to explain that John Laurinaitis was mad that Cena defeated Big Johnny’s boy, Brock Lesnar, and that's the reason why Laurinaitis is now targeting Cena.

    I look at this as just another rushed feud for Cena to take part in. It’s as if when Cena does not have the title, then the WWE does not know what to do with him.

    All of these undeveloped feuds just make people confused and resentful that the focus is on Cena and not the WWE title. When Cena is champion, all of the attention is still on him, yet when he's not the champion, the focus remains on him and not the title?

    Will John Cena defeat John Laurinaitis?

Is Brock Lesnar Really Gone?

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    In a stunning surprise, Paul Heyman returned to Raw and announced that Brock Lesnar has “quit the WWE and is never coming back.”

    Well, if that's indeed true, then Lesnar’s return may have been worse than Chris Jericho’s. Of course, I am not naïve enough to believe that Lesnar is REALLY gone.

    More interesting, that Brock “quitting,” is the return of Paul Heyman. I would love to see him back in a full-time role, but I know that is too much to ask. How did you react when you saw him coming down the aisle?

    I am sure we will get more answers next week when Triple H is live on Raw.

    When do you think Brock Lesnar will make his inevitable return?

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    Keep it classic everyone!