WWE Over the Limit 2012: Fatal Four-Way for Heavyweight Championship Announced

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IMay 7, 2012

Photo by wikia.com
Photo by wikia.com

The WWE just made the perfect move to increase their buy rates for the Over the Limit pay-per-view on May 20. 

John Laurinaitis just announced that the World Heavyweight Championship match will be changed from the just Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus to a fatal four-way match between Sheamus, Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton

This all started because these four competitors were in a tag team match on Monday Night Raw. Jericho and Del Rio won, after Y2J ducked as Sheamus was about to hit him with a brogue kick. Instead of hitting Jericho, Sheamus nailed the Viper in the head.

Jericho then gave the codebreaker to Sheamus and picked up the victory.

Sheamus picked up Orton after the match, and the Viper delivered a nasty RKO. The action did not stop there, as both Sheamus and Orton beat down Del Rio and Jericho in the general manager's room. 

Orton and Sheamus were being separated as they were barking at each other. The Viper told the Great White he was coming after his Heavyweight championship. Sheamus told him to come and get it anytime, anywhere and any place. 

It was then that Laurinaitis announced Sheamus will defend his coveted title in a fatal four-way during the PPV. 

This is the best move the WWE has made for this PPV. Over the Limit was starting to look like a very awful card.

A match between Del Rio and Sheamus was not going to do much for anyone, but when you add two of the biggest names on the roster to the equation, it actually becomes one of the most interesting matches on the card. 

Expect a lot of good to come out of this match and for some really good feuds to carry on until SummerSlam. 

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk's one-on-one battle for the WWE Championship will still be the best match of the night, but this fatal four-way will definitely be the second best. 


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