Forget the Pats, the New York Giants are the Next Dynasty

Thomas BrodkinCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

When I say Dynasty what comes to mind?  If you say a cheap imitation of the late night soap opera Dallas then you are in the wrong place.  If you say the New England Patriots you are in the wrong time.  There is only one team that shows all the telltale signs of sustained dominance and that team is the New York Giants

I know Giants fans and detractors alike will point to the last game of the Giants season, the debacle in the divisional round (too bad it wasn't an away game or we could dub it "The Silly in Philly") along with losses in four of the last five games as strong arguments against my dynasty theory.

 Along with that Giant fans, like my dad, who have seen it all, the fumble, Flipper Anderson, Chris Calloways miss of the onside kick and the Dave Brown years, will say in unison "You've got to be kidding me."  That being said, lets look at the evidence. 

The Giants have a young franchise quarterback.  Say what you will about Eli, he has gone to, and won the big game.  You can't win multiple Super bowls till you win the first.  He may not be Montana, Aikman, or Bradshaw but he has the tools necessary to lead a team to victories in big games in December, January and February. 

The other thing Eli brings to the table is durability.  Except for the Redskins during the first Gibbs administration, all dynasties have had consistency at the quarterback position.  Eli is like a Weeble, he wobbles but he doesn't fall down. 

The second thing the Giants have going for them is replaceable depth.  Like the Patriots before them, the G-Men seem to be able to bring in new parts at just the right time.  It's always better to let a player go a year too early then a year too late.  Anyone who rememberers the Giants matching of the 49ers offer sheet to Rodney Hampton knows what can happen when a player stays just a little too long. 

Hampton was a great Giant, but matching that offer set the Giants back for three years.  The Giants lost out on a chance to find a cheap replacement and as a result they endured a devastating hit on the salary cap. 

So what is different now?  They lose pro bowl caliber talent like Strahan and Uminyora and in step Tuck and Kiwanuka.  They lose the perfect system player in Kawika Mitchell and Chase Blackburn and Danny Clark are there to stand in the gap.  Out with Shockey in with Boss. 

To be a dynasty you not only need the best players but you need to have some cheap ones too.  It's the only way to stay flexible in a salary cap environment.  Which brings us to the last and most important reason the Giants are a budding dynasty.

Player acquisition.  From Jerry Reese to Tom Coughlin and all the personnel people in between, the Giants are building a state of the art player acquisition system I believe time will show to be second to none. 

From the draft of 2004 which brought us Manning and Snee, to the 2005 draft that, without a first round pick brought us Webster, Tuck, and Jacobs through the magical first Reese draft where all of the picks contributed to last year's haul, the Giants have proven they know how to find the gems in every round.

Couple that with the proven ability to plug in cheap free agents who perfectly fit our system and The giants have shown themselves to be the model that all others should copy.

Who knows if we will ever see a '70s Steelers type dynasty where a team wins almost every year or a '80s 49er type dynasty that can survive through a different quarterback and coach and not skip a beat but mark my words we have seen the beginning of the new dynasty in the NFL and it's the Big Blue from the Secaucus swamps.