Emmanuel Emenike: Spartak Moscow Forward Sent off for Celebrating Goal (Video)

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterMay 7, 2012

Confusion, it seems, isn't lost in translation.

Today's video shows us exactly that, with a convenient object lesson. Go ahead and watch it, even if you don't speak Russian (I don't, but I have a buddy in the Peace Corps who might be able to help me out).

What you're seeing is Spartak Moscow forward Emmanuel Emenike scoring a goal against Russian champions Zenit St. Petersburg over the weekend.

And after that, what you're seeing is Spartak Moscow forward Emmanuel Emenike being sent off for celebrating that goal.

No yellow card. No warning. No stern talking-to from the referee.

Just a straight red card.


Well, there's a history here, it seems. From RIA Novosti (h/t Who Ate All The Pies):

Emenike was fined $17,000 for showing the middle finger to Dynamo Moscow fans during Spartak's 3-1 league victory in March. He claimed the fans had directed racist chants at him.

That makes sense. Still, that doesn't mean Emenike was doing anything wrong by slapping his forearm.

Did the ref think he was showing up Zenit? Making a drug reference?

No one seems to know, but Spartak are—not surprisingly—planning to appeal the decision. Spartak assistant coach Andrei Tikhonov said, via RIA Novosti:

The referee didn’t understand the incident with Emenike’s goal. Emenike was just clapping, just applauding.

We’ve got a crucial game with Lokomotiv coming up and we’ve lost our main striker. We’ll submit an appeal against this decision.

The lesson is clear, kids. Don't celebrate your goals, or you'll get a straight red card for your trouble.