Washington Redskins' Offseason: The Should and Should Nots

CodyContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

With the free-agency period beginning in just under a month, and the NFL Draft just shy of three, the Washington Redskins have some big decisions coming up. Currently, the Redskins have quite a few notable free agents set to hit the market Feb. 27.

Unrestricted free agents include DeAngelo Hall, Pete Kendall, Jason Fabini, Demetric Evans, and Khary Campbell.

Restricted free agents include Kedric Golston, Anthony Montgomery, Shaun Suisham, and Reed Doughty.

With only four picks in the upcoming draft (13th, 80th, 141st, and 173rd), the Redskins will probably be looking at either trading back to acquire more picks at the expense of some players.

But that is not to count out bringing in free agents like OT Jordan Gross, DE Julius Peppers, DT Albert Haynesworth, and LB Terrell Suggs, who are all popular names being buzzed around.

All of this said, this is my synopsis on what the Redskins should and should not do:


Re-sign DeAngelo Hall, Demetric Evans, Khary Campbell, Kedric Golston, and Shaun Suisham.

Why: DeAngelo Hall is a no-brainer, as he came in and was an immediate impact in the defensive backfield. Demetric Evans brings important depth to the defensive line at defensive end and possibly the defensive tackle position.

Khary Campbell has been a special team stand-out the past few seasons and adds emergency backup protection to the linebacker position.

Between Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston I think keeping one would suffice, and Golston, who is a year younger then Montgomery, also has slightly better statistics and shows more potential. Shuan Suisham is questionable to most, but I say sign him to a small one year deal, and bring in another kicker to challenge him.


Sign: T Jordan Gross and P Shane Lechler.

Why: This is the first time I've ever agreed to go after Gross, but I believe since the draft is deeper in offensive line than defensive line prospects, Gross would be a good idea. My reserve was, if you bring in Gross, you create a crowded tackle position with Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, and Stephon Heyer.

Shane Lechler is one of the best punters in the history of the NFL and is still young for a punter at 32. Our punting problems have been well documented in the past seasons, and Lechler would be the guy to fix them.

To address the ones I don't advise signing, Albert Haynesworth has always been dominant, but only when he wants to be; I wouldn't pay big bucks for a guy that does things when he feels it's best for him.

Julius Peppers has made it clear he wants to be in the 3-4 defense and obviously we don't have that. Terrell Suggs is another player who fits better in the 3-4, and he will most likely stay with the Ravens anyway.

As far as our biggest area of concern, there is hope for the upcoming NFL Draft. With four picks, and only two in the first four rounds, a trade seems the way to go about it. I've heard fans say trade Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, or Carlos Rogers.

In my opinion, I say trade Marcus Washington and/or Cornelius Griffin; both are old and would free up a lot of cap space. But the solution could come a lot cheaper.

According to NFL Draft Scout.com, there is a draft pick trade chart which is utilized to some extent by every NFL team. According to the chart our 13th pick is valued at 1150 points. A possible trade using this pick might include our brotherly foes, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philly has two first-round picks and a second round pick of interest. According to the chart, their 28th pick is 660 points, and their 52nd pick is 380 points adding up to just 1040 points.

If we were to make that trade the Eagles would then have the 13th pick and a 21st pick. The 13th is one they really could use to insure they get a running back like Chris "Beanie" Wells or Knowshon Moreno.

We would then have the 28th, 52nd, and 80th pick in the first three rounds. Now how to use those potential picks:

With the 28th overall I would focus on the defensive line with guys like DE Robert Ayers, DE Paul Kruger, or DE/DT Tyson Jackson. At the 52nd pick, I would address the offensive line with G Herman Johnson, G Kraig Urbik, C/G Jonathan Luigs, or C/G Eric Wood.

With the 80th pick I would look for a linebacker like OLB Cody Brown, OLB Zack Follet, or ILB Scott McKillop.

That concludes the should and should nots for the Redskins offseason.

If only it were that easy. Knowing the Redskins front office, they are likely to take an entirely different approach. In reality, we are most likely in for another unpredictable, gut-wrenching, and upsetting off season that will look just as promising as all of the ones before this.

Good night, and good luck.