WWE: 25 Ways You Know You're Tired of World Wrestling Entertainment

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIMay 5, 2012

1. You think that QVC is more entertaining then Monday Night RAW.

2. The creative team is so bad, you write articles pondering the return of Vince Russo.

3. The only reason you watch RAW, is to see Eve do her "Booty Pop" dance.

4. You use WWE t-shirts to check the oil level of your car's dipstick.

5. You prefer watching "Botchamania," instead of SmackDown.

6. You've called WWE headquarters and asked to speak "directly to Vince."

7. You signed up for an account at F4WOnline and joined "The Empire."

8. You're more interested in watching John Cena and Charles Barkley battle Shaquille O'Neal and Brock Lesnar over another boring Cena feud.

9. WWE proclaims they "put smiles on people's faces," but they put a miserable scowl on your face.

10. You only watch RAW when you know The Rock will be there.

11. Your Rey Mysterio mask is now used as a tissue.

12. The only reason you watch SmackDown is to laugh at Booker T's commentary.

13. Things have gotten so bad you actually gave TNA Impact a chance.

14. You prefer reading Scott Steiner's tweets over watching WWE programming. You consider it more entertaining too.

15. You find better things to do when WWE is on. Like talk to your fish.

16. When WWE comes to your town, you prefer a quiet night at the library followed by Taco Bell takeout.

17. You sell all your WWE merchandise and use the money to buy something cool.

18. You only watch RAW when Vince McMahon promises to give away a million dollars.

19. Your cable company offers you a free WWE PPV, you ask them if you can exchange it for a free month of HBO.

20. After watching WWE, your friend asks you, "Are you OK? You don't look so good." You lash back at him by yelling, "NO, I'm not OK, damn it!"

21. You change the channel when Brodus Clay stops dancing.

22. When you receive free WWE tickets, you hock them on eBay or Craigslist, instead of going to the show.

23. You get angry and break things after watching WWE programming.

24. You launched a YouTube account just to rant.

25. The idea of a WWE Network frightens you.