2012 NBA Draft: Updated Big Board

David HeebCorrespondent IMay 4, 2012

LEXINGTON, KY - APRIL 17:  Anthony Davis, Doron Lamb,Terrence Jones, John Calipari the Kentucky Wildcats, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Marquis Teague talks with the media during the news conference in which all five players announced  they will enter the NBA draft at Joe Craft Center on April 17, 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The 2012 NBA Draft is slowly taking shape. With the list of early entries finalized, the only date to keep in mind between now and the draft is June 18. That is the date the early entries without an agent can withdraw their name from the draft.

The draft is scheduled to take place on June 28.

With 66 total players making up the early entries list (49 college players from the U.S. and 17 international prospects), one can only hope a few of these kids will be smart enough to pull their name out of the draft hopper.

Here is my "Top 30 Prospects" as of today. Let me make a couple quick points before we begin. Firstly, this list is not the order that I think guys will be drafted, but rather it is a player ranking, a "Big Board" if you will. Secondly, because we aren't to the pre-draft yet with all the player interviews, this list is independent of character issues, health concerns or any other red flags.

This list is purely a player ranking, best to worst, No. 1-30. Here is the top 30 this week.

  1. Anthony Davis, 6'10" Power Forward, Kentucky
  2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 6'7" Small Forward, Kentucky
  3. Thomas Robinson, 6'9" Power Forward, Kansas
  4. Harrison Barnes, 6'8" Small Forward, North Carolina
  5. Bradley Beal, 6'4" Shooting Guard, Florida
  6. Royce White, 6'8" Small Forward, Iowa State
  7. Andre Drummond, 6'11" Center, UCONN
  8. Terrence Jones, 6'9" Power Forward, Kentucky
  9. Jeremy Lamb, 6'5" Shooting Guard, UCONN
  10. Jared Sullinger, 6'9" Power Forward, Ohio State
  11. Kendall Marshall, 6'4" Point Guard, North Carolina
  12. Tyler Zeller, 6'11" Center, North Carolina
  13. John Henson, 6'11" Power Forward, North Carolina
  14. Arnett Moultrie, 6'10" Power Forward, Mississippi State
  15. Perry Jones III, 6'11" Power Forward, Baylor
  16. Terrence Ross, 6'6" Shooting Guard, Washington
  17. Damian Lillard, 6'2" Point Guard, Weber State
  18. Moe Harkless, 6'8" Small Forward, St. John's
  19. Tony Wroten, 6'5" Point Guard, Washington
  20. Doron Lamb, 6'4" Shooting Guard, Kentucky
  21. Austin Rivers, 6'4" Shooting Guard, Duke
  22. Meyers Leonard, 7'0" Center, Illinois
  23. Jeff Teague, 6'2" Point Guard, Kentucky
  24. Dion Waiters, 6'4" Shooting Guard, Syracuse
  25. Fab Melo, 7'0" Center, Syracuse
  26. Andrew Nicholson, 6'9" Power Forward, St. Bonaventure
  27. Festus Ezeli, 6'11" Center, Vanderbilt
  28. Drew Gordon, 6'9" Power Forward, New Mexico
  29. Darius Miller, 6'7" Small Forward, Kentucky
  30. Jeffery Taylor, 6'7" Small Forward, Vanderbilt