NBA: Who Were the All-Star Snubs?

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NBA: Who Were the All-Star Snubs?
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We're in the middle of the playoffs, after being shot out of the cannon of a compressed, shortened season. One of the consequences of this season is that we had comparatively little information to go on when it came to selecting All-Stars.

Realistically, there were no "snubs" at the time, on account of so few games having been played. Now, we can look back at what happened and judge who should have been a 2012 All-Star.

1. Kyrie Irving

Irving will get Rookie of the Year, but he easily deserved an All-Star selection. Even though the precocious slasher missed 15 games, his per-minute production scraped all Eastern Conference point guard rivals, save for Derrick Rose.

With a 21.49 PER, a .566 true shooting percentage and absurd clutch efficiency, the kid likely deserved a spot over Rajon Rondo and possibly even Deron Williams.

2. Tyson Chandler

Considering that he just won Defensive Player of the Year, perhaps he should have made the All-Star cut? It wasn't all defense for Chandler, though, the big guy managed an incredible 68 percent from the field.

I would give him the edge over Hibbert, though the real Eastern Conference mistake was probably Luol Deng (If only I could substitute a small forward for a center). 

3. Kevin Garnett

Why were the main snubs out East? KG would have actually been my DPOY vote, great as Chandler was. Boston put together a fearsome second half stretch, and Garnett was the catalyst. He also maintained offensive efficiency, pitching in with a 20.47 PER.  

4. Josh Smith

Our final Eastern oversight was essential in helping the Hawks to a decent record, despite the loss of Al Horford. Smith still takes terrible shots (21.14 PER, but only a .499 true shooting mark), but he also has the rare combination of "shot blocker" and "fast break leader."

In short, I'd far rather see him on an All-Star team than say, Luol Deng. 

5. Tim Duncan 

He's not quite dead yet! Don't blame Timmy for Popovich's tendency to conserve the big man's minutes. Duncan managed a 22.60 PER, but his real value comes on the defensive end.

The Spurs are much better on defense with Duncan in the middle. It wouldn't have made for a more exciting ASG, but Timmy deserved a bid over Blake Griffin. 

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